Greeting From Set: Better Call Saul

The cast and crew of Better Call Saul welcome fans back to Albuquerque and share what they’re looking forward to in the first season.

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38 replies
  1. Marvin8861
    Marvin8861 says:

    My question about the show is we saw Saul deal with some messed up stuff in breaking bad eventually(SPOILERS) leading to him having to get a new identity. So what kind of situations can he get into in this show that can top those in breaking bad. That at the same time can't be too bad because we see him in one piece  in breaking bad.

  2. CosmicPentastar
    CosmicPentastar says:

    Apparently this show is set primarily in 2002. I love the subtle period details like Saul's slightly dated looking suits. It's not glaringly obvious like a 70s setting but that actually makes it more difficult to pin down from a production design/costume standpoint. It's like, we aren't far enough from 2002 to have a really solid appreciation for the differences. So either the production staff takes for granted that the audience won't notice and they end up half-assing it and making it all feel a bit off and takes us out of the experience, or they have to put in the work and wrangle a bunch of 12+ year old clothes and cars and electronics to really sell the period. No you can't have a 2013 Toyota Venza parked in the middle background because in the end it matters as much as if you did that in a 70s period piece. You're still going to have plenty of people notice it and thus ruin their immersion in the process. Just find the owner and ask them to move it! It's always tricky when a movie or show tries to do a setting in the recent past but I have faith that this team can pull it off. 

  3. sbowen737
    sbowen737 says:

    heres what im hoping for:
    towards the end of s2 (or even s3) Jimmy hooks up with Emilio (or Crazy 8) who becomes a rather big character, and maybe we see a tiny bit of Jessie here and there… then towards the end of the next season, Emilio hooks Jimmy up with Tuco who eventually hooks Mike up with Gus (as Gus doesnt directly interact with Saul) in the next season something really bad has to happen for jimmy to change his name to Saul (idk what but somebody probably has to die?) 

    after that the show takes a huge change in direction and maybe we get to see some more of Gus's back story? and then they could bring Hank into it and focus more on the DEA taking down Emilio and Tuco, while Gus works with Mike to stop Hank, and Saul is actually receiving/stealing info from Hank to help Gus stay ahead of the DEA… for the finale, maybe Gus hires cartel to go after Hanks family? maybe not exactly like that but i think it would get the most of our characters back  =)


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