Halfworlds Season 1 Official Trailer (2015) | HBO

For generations Demits (demons) have lived alongside humans in secret, but now a powerful event may bring their identities to the surface.


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16 replies
  1. Mighty Mad
    Mighty Mad says:

    You know, there's such a thing as trying way too hard…
    Not saying I'm not going to check out at least one episode of this show; just saying that, if I do, it won't be because of this trailer.

  2. C A
    C A says:

    Regardless of the common supernatural/romance theme, I totally find it great that we have a show that is centered on Asian actors and characters; yes, I know it's HBO Asia, but considering the genre, it could be worse. Personally, I find some of the super fanbase series that are popular like Shadowhunters completely overrated and boring; this show has potential to deviate slightly from the norm with an interesting take on its world building and mythologies. It's only a start, maybe this series–if it became popular enough–could serve as a launchpad for some highly acclaimed material. I'm definitely gonna have to watch it!


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