Halt and Catch Fire Trailer

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26 replies
  1. TheMichaelsquid
    TheMichaelsquid says:

    It is speed highway at dawn. Only someone remixed this professionally and only for the short promo. Sadly like most quickie commercials out there, you'll rarely find out it's an actual song, especially when you want it the most! Maybe if they see enough popularity, they'll make a loop type edit. Doubt it. By then you would've forgotten about it completely.

  2. richie345
    richie345 says:

    It's a theme from a video games, Sonic (the hedgehog) speed highway at dawn. But it's remixed. This guy named jerry Alexander made a version that sounds a lot like this one.

  3. Hassan Aftab
    Hassan Aftab says:

    The trailer does not do justice to what is without a word of doubt one of the finest shows on television right now. I wish I could make more people switch on their televisions for this show and this show alone!


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