Hanna Season 2 – Official Trailer

Welcome to the Meadows, a secret conditioning school where assassins are trained to go undercover as everyday teenage girls. But a former test subject, Hanna, returns to infiltrate the facility and put an end to this shadowy organization. They took her father. They took her identity. But can they stop her? Watch the official trailer now for Hanna. New Season July 3rd, only on Prime Video.

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30 replies
  1. eric t
    eric t says:

    Season 2 was so much better than season 1. The characters are stronger, smarter and more developed. No more of that annoying whining complaining teenage girl relationship that was in Season 1, which I could not stomach to finish. Good job Amazon.

  2. yasko250
    yasko250 says:

    Just finished it, was really2 good, I truly enjoyed it, the acting was great, it improved of the first season. If I had any complaint, maybe, just the lack of male cast.

  3. Rob T
    Rob T says:

    This is a really good series but the casting director should have choose better actors… this actress Esmé Creed-Miles cannot act and the character Hanna is one of the worst things about this show. Mireille Enos is a good actress but her character is horrible and somewhat pathetic…. I like this series but some of thes actors should be recast and rewritten.

  4. Joseph Cassano
    Joseph Cassano says:

    season 2 was a complete disappointment. Incredible writing in the first season and then they dumbed down Hanna once she started to conform in season 2. Total bs, Hanna would never even think about giving up. On top of that, they focus too much on this Clara who was dull, boring and the story came to lack meaning whereas depth was what made the story so great. This show could've been amazing after season 1. Hanna could have been on the run with the help of Marissa Viegler and other anti-utrax operatives while the 30 trainees Utrax created were after. In the midst of that, Hanna could have turned some of them into their real selves, fought some, etc. They turned pure intelligence into nonsense.


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