Hard Knocks: The Dallas Cowboys | Official Trailer | HBO

Saddle up, America. Hard Knocks: The Dallas Cowboys premieres August 10 on HBO Max. #HardKnocks #HBO Subscribe to …

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  1. Oscar Fuentes
    Oscar Fuentes says:

    Jerry Jones is a successful businessman, he built a fancy stadium with tax paying citizens money, and a state of the art practice facility, all he needs is a football team.

  2. Woody Allen
    Woody Allen says:

    Jerruh: What a joke!! The nfl puts us on hard knocks even though all we have produced in the last 25 years is a big pile of horse dung. America’s team??? We should be renamed “America’s missing team”. Hehe.

  3. Jobim Zapico
    Jobim Zapico says:

    I’m just gonna tell y’all right now, NO ONE cares about the end of the roster guys fighting for a spot. Especially with the soap opera that is the Dallas cowboys. I want the relationship dynamics between McCarthy and the Jones family. I want as much about Zekes personal life as possible. I want Dak and the decision to not be vaccinated. Do not start episode 1 with 4th round pick out of southwest savannah state and how he hopes to make the team.

  4. Drew Hart
    Drew Hart says:

    Almost every team has their own version of HardKnocks on their youtube nowadays. What is HBO going to do to differentiate itself from the NFL team's own media? Gotta step it up this year, because last year was the worst one I've ever seen.

  5. Ashlynne Shain
    Ashlynne Shain says:

    There's something Jerry's not telling us. I think he knows something about his health that's maybe life ending. His attitude and actions have changed dramatically the past year. His regrets, finally making up and inducting Jimmy into the DCHOF…never thought I'd see the day. Praying for all and I hope I'm wrong.

  6. Pete laRosa
    Pete laRosa says:

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