HBO Miniseries: Olive Kitteridge – Trailer #1 (HBO)

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First two parts to debut Sunday, November 2 at 9PM, followed by the debut of the final two parts Monday, November 3 at 9PM, only on HBO.

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  1. thisistheworldtoday
    thisistheworldtoday says:

    Frances does a brilliant job as Olive..I started the book and didn’t like how nasty Olive was to her husband perhaps because I had a mother-in-law like her and just abhor women who have this kind of control over their husbands and sons who obediently cater to them and are quick to anger if they don’t call the shots in their marriage and their son’s marriage. So I couldn’t tolerate the book. But I saw the miniseries and appreciated the stories and the acting. At the end when she draws another man to boss around it seemed appropriate…these self absorbed type of women always seem to find another man who needs a mean mommy to boss them.


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