HBO Miniseries: Parade's End Trailer

Don’t miss the new HBO Five-Part Miniseries event, with Parts 1 & 2 beginning on Tuesday, February 26th at 9PM.

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  1. Malik Nauman Feroz
    Malik Nauman Feroz says:

    WHAT? Adelaide Clemens? I thought that was Michelle Williams. I was waiting throughout the entirety of this trailer for her name to pop up, only when the trailer was done did I realise that it was someone else.

  2. bennygoodman1000
    bennygoodman1000 says:

    Rebecca Hall, Adelaide Clemens, Miranda Richardson & Janet McTeer are fine.About Roger Adam & Cumbersomething , both characters are as stupid as can be. I think B.Cumberduck is the worst actor I have ever seen. His acting skills are only in his jaw.The only part of his face he can move.


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