HBO Miniseries: Show Me a Hero – Justice Trailer (HBO)

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Show Me a Hero premieres Sunday, August 16 at 8/7c on HBO.

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16 replies
  1. Francis White
    Francis White says:

    I think they need to look at the state of Yonkers now. There are beautiful houses with nice yards which are only a 30-45 minute commute from midtown Manhattan. The school system is CRAP, looks like prison system. Which forces young families to move north. Then the rif-raf come in and buy the houses at a steal and do not take care of the place, mow the lawn or do any repairs, looks like crap, brings down the whole neighborhood.

    Every year families are moving out, further and further away from where they work, heading to Rockland. It's a real shame, this area should be booming, now businesses are closing and if they havent then they're not putting more money into their businesses.

    They need to split Yonkers in half, East and West Yonkers. Two different Cities. Put more money towards the schools instead of in OT for crooked cops.

  2. totesjokin
    totesjokin says:

    This was so damn good. Even a Colombian friend who knew nothing about American politics was just as engaged with the characters and narrative. Just very well done. I'm really digging the "docu-fiction/ historical character studies" thing goin on. This, Narcos, The Crown. Lovin it!


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