Her – Behind the Scenes [HD]

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  1. Eliel Amador
    Eliel Amador says:

    I love so much this movie… It is incredible how much the art of cinematic can touch us. So sad, so complexous and, at the same time, so much beautiful. Makes me want to feel alive for more time

  2. AJ Rosales
    AJ Rosales says:

    I watched Her this month. And I think it's just a perfect timing considering what we're in right now. Well, I just love how this movie made me feel. It's just beautiful. And this might be an understatement, but this movie is sooooo 'comforting'.

  3. Rosalli
    Rosalli says:

    Man that movie is the most undescribable movie I've ever watched the minimal sense it got just makes my heart about not beating
    A true piece of art

    Hope it gets what it deserves like being at the top of the 250 IMDB list
    Damn i love this movie :")

    Thank u for your pure minimal movie, appreciate it a lotttt

  4. Emily Hullt
    Emily Hullt says:

    i watched it last night for the second time, the first being when i was 9 so i couldn’t remember it at all. It was as if i was watching it for the first time. This movie is so beautiful. Amazing, creative, unique.

    all i can say is this movie is art. that’s the only word for it. It’s a starry night by van gogh but as a movie.

    it’s beautiful.


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