Hightown Official Teaser | STARZ

Welcome to the Cape. High tides and high stakes are coming this spring with the premiere of #Hightown only on #STARZ.

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  1. Amber Deoliveira
    Amber Deoliveira says:

    All of Cape Cod is just shaking their heads going what the hell was that??? And where did they get the kelp seaweed? There are VERY few places on Cape that I wouldn't feel safe walking alone at night. Do we have a opiod/ heroin issue here, yes. Everywhere does right now. Hoping your show/network is contributing to solving it, educating people, or helping our law enforcement in handling it, instead of just profiting off of it. These are real lives being lost.

  2. 6Delta6 pmc private security
    6Delta6 pmc private security says:

    Its pretty bad now I've owned a private security company out here and and have literally watched it go out of control. Thank god for narcan. If ever need help there are great doctors who can help if you see any of our public safety officer with 6Delta6 on shirts we carry cards.ive had people come hug me looking completely different back to normal. Bigb/mick on fb if need help.


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