Hold The Dark | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

A gripping psychological thriller unfolds in the treacherous Alaskan wilderness when a retired wolf expert is summoned to investigate a child’s disappearance. Hold The Dark, starring Jeffrey Wright, Alexander Skarsgård and Riley Keough, and directed by Jeremy Saulnier, premieres on September 28, only on Netflix.

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Hold The Dark | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

36 replies
  1. Rahul Wadke
    Rahul Wadke says:

    A boring film gets made when a bad script meets a brainless director. But the director of this film has a special talent – he mixes the supra stupid script with bad direction plus adds a dash of haunting but weird music.

    The product is a rootless film with a flimsy storyline. The film is nothing but a series of homicides just stuck together by superglue. Feels like reading a book where the first page is printed in English, second in Swahili, Third in Nepali and fourth in Mandarin. It is a book where every single page is printed in a new language.

    The enormous talents of Jeffrey Wright are just wasted in the film.

  2. Pescatarian Cashew nuts
    Pescatarian Cashew nuts says:

    For those who have no idea what they watched, learn about wolves. You will understand why he did what he did, and why she did what she did. See their motives and actions through wolves eyes. This movie is the best movie in my life.


    For malaysian .Spoiler alert. Dont read my comment if u not yet watching this film
    Overall bagi aku, aku boleh bg 3/10 ⭐ saja. Film ni yg aku tak berapa suka, 1st slow scene/no need scene. Contoh macam dorang mandi dlm gua tu, aku rasa scene tu takyah sbb aku tahu dorang bercinta. Scene berjalan-background music. Pastu byk kali jugak scene yg mcmtu. Aku tahu dorang couple jgn tunjuk byk sgt. 2nd, ada adegan lucah 18+. 3rd watak dlm ni byk nk kena ingat. 4rd, watak byk bercakap/conversation scene yg buat aku rass mcm tak perlu dan takde kena mengena pun tajuk film tu. 5th , citer ni takdelah thriller mana, aku tgk pun nk kata suspend pun tak. Sbb film ni lebih kpd slasher/killer. So byk adegan berdarah. Last, yg paling ko benci bila lepas ko tgk film ni, kau kena google balik sbb citer ni pelik dan kau fak faham kalau kau tgk sekali. Tu je.

  4. Tofushoots
    Tofushoots says:

    Sadly these days people need to be spoon fed the plot of movies. Everything needs to be broken down and handed to you. Anything that actually makes people think "doesn't make any sense" cause people don't want to actually use any brain power.

  5. Will the Man
    Will the Man says:

    Just finished it. It was an acceptable experience. Everyone should see it themselves to make their decision about it. Atmostpheric, with some interesting scenes. But, why? OK, some supernatural or spiritual mumbo jumbo, awkwardly mixed with more standed psycho killer material. Good actining. But not real ending or culmination or conclusion.

  6. BigoleYouknowwhat
    BigoleYouknowwhat says:

    Hands down the worst movie I’ve seen this year. I guess you have to love wolves to like it lol. One of the most pointless movies I’ve ever seen in my life. There was literally no point. Or at least no point that is conveyed very well. And no point that really matters. Such a dumb dumb dumb movie. I was ok until the end came and that ruined everything.


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