HOUSE OF THE DRAGON Trailer 2 (2022) Game of Thrones

Official House of the Dragon Series Trailer 2 2022 | Subscribe ➤ | Paddy Considine Series Trailer | HBO Max: 21 Aug 2022 | More
The story of House Targaryen, 300 years before the events of Game of Thrones.

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House of the Dragon (2022) is the new fantasy series starring Paddy Considine, Emma D’Arcy and Matt Smith.

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40 replies
  1. Stephen Mumford
    Stephen Mumford says:

    I liked the bit with the dragon but mostly the bit with the dragons when they're dragoning like dragons because it's a show mostly about dragons that dragon. Dragons…………hodor

  2. M0TI0N MAN
    M0TI0N MAN says:

    I'll give this a shot… but 2 issues I'm worried about.
    1. No Emilia Clarke!
    2. If this has a crap finale like GoT had after 8 yrs… I'll never watch another series based off GoT.

  3. PrimevalMarvin
    PrimevalMarvin says:

    i would be intrested in this but i know how bad all of this is going to end 🙁 even the dagger that destoryed game of thrones is in it. oh man so sad. not gonna watch it.

    QCWORLD says:

    This show will subvert your expectations just like Season 7 and 8 did. Already looks like a shit show. Poorly cast Targaryen actors who look like they are drunk or drugged.

  5. jedics
    jedics says:

    I predict this prequel to be almost as much of a disaster as the final season of GOT. The tv series sausage factory is in full swing producing a lot of garbage content the last few years where the story is obviously an after thought, after cgi, after actors, after set design after marketing after the series has already been released 🙂

  6. Dirty Dixon
    Dirty Dixon says:

    Looks like they don't have the budget to make this work. I'm not impressed by what I saw in the trailer, neither the acting, the set, nor the special effects. My prediction: This will pale in comparison to the original series, despite season 8's shoddy ending even.

  7. Be Human
    Be Human says:

    According to Ryan Condal the decision to race-swap the members of House Velaryon was done in order to avoid featuring “another bunch of white people on the screen”. When did racism become ok again?


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