Howards End | Official Trailer | STARZ

Official trailer for the STARZ Original Limited Series, Howards End. A fresh adaptation of a beloved tale of two sisters, as they navigate through life and love. Stars Hayley Atwell, Philippa Coulthard, Matthew Macfadyen & Tracey Ullman. Premieres April 2018.

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Howards End | Official Trailer | STARZ

34 replies
  1. Heavena Wilson
    Heavena Wilson says:

    Love the Townhouse The schaigles lived in..before they got to live at Howard's End…Howard's End was a Beautiful Property ….In watching the series recently on PBS..I thought the Guy who lived at the Flat with his wife was very antisocial and it was one of the things that held him back.

  2. Jazz Guitar
    Jazz Guitar says:

    It's so weird to watch the same story but with different actors and a completely different atmosphere. (Referring to Howards End with Emma Thompson and Anthony Hopkins)

  3. GAUTAM Sinha
    GAUTAM Sinha says:

    Will this be a full length feature film? Well, let's see how it stands up to the Anthony Hopkins,Vanessa Redgrave, Emma Thompson & Helena Bonham Carter one !

  4. Elumio Merk
    Elumio Merk says:

    Does anybody know a series about young people who live in a town, these young people are friends and I assume some of them are lovers?
    That's all I got. I came across it once but could not find it again. The series is supposedly quite good.

  5. Muriel Barker
    Muriel Barker says:

    Bought Howard's End off eBay very recently have to 2words Loved it great casting Matthew with his beard is great as Mr Wilcox if you can get a copy of eBay just get it it's slightly lighter than the Antony Hopkins one maybe because Matthew plays a younger Mr Wilcox this movie is just brilliant

  6. Brother Bear
    Brother Bear says:

    THE Joseph Quinn is Mr. Leonard Bast. WTH…. He's Freddie Munson in Stranger Things.
    For those who have no idea about the story, I warn you, the ending is TOO MUCH.


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