“I Am An Actor” | 29th Annual SAG Awards

Actors Niecy Nash-Betts, Bob Odenkirk, Jamie Lee Curtis, Quinta Brunson, and Janelle James tell the 29th Annual SAG Awards what being an Actor is all about.

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  1. Lucy Plasencia
    Lucy Plasencia says:

    These celebrities are there trying to humanize themselves they are Sickos. Jamie Lee Curtis She absolutely, disgusting having a naked child suffocating in a box photo hanging on her dining area wall. What, is even more disturbing is that no one is investigating what, has happened to this child? Also, Balenciaga's latest holiday campaign have been described as "disturbing" and "child exploiting” The Justice systems apparently, doesn’t care about children being sexual abuse in horrifying unimaginable ways. children have been disappearing in the millions. People, just go back to sleep and keep celebrating the Pedophile Monsters in Hollywood.
    A world that doesn’t care about its children is a world that is Doom

  2. luke morrison
    luke morrison says:

    The abott elementary cast are hilarious AF! I love that show. Every episode cracks me up. Which I have never laugh so hard in a comedy show ever. So that means this cast are talented.


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