I Am Evidence (2018) Official Trailer | HBO

I Am Evidence exposes the alarming number of untested rape kits in the United States through a character–driven narrative, bringing much needed attention to the disturbing pattern of how the criminal justice system has historically treated sexual assault survivors.

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35 replies
  1. Sbamabelle
    Sbamabelle says:

    We treat our rape victims like third class citizens and that needs to stop, today! If we have money for stupid wars, then we have money to help our victims of horrible crimes first

  2. lou s
    lou s says:

    Yeah let’s blame the police all day for the flawed district attorney who is an “ELECTED OFFICIAL” that are notorious for turning down sexual assault cases. All theses elected ass holes care about is their next election!!!! It’s my personal rule is I stay in constant contact with all my victims of violent crimes. It’s not us/Police it’s your elected officials that turn these cases down!!! Keep those facts in mind around election time.

  3. Rob K
    Rob K says:

    I think a lot of this backlog has to do with prison overcrowding and the effects this will have. It's another example of a system that is broken at it's core. Rape victims should have their peace and these scum should be taken care of appropriately. Longer sentences and NO early release for good behavior…..none of it. Build more prisons if you need to to keep good people safe. Whatever it takes!

  4. SnowWalker
    SnowWalker says:

    This is why there are so many missing/murdered women and children on this planet. Thousands of untested rape kits, every one of them not just carrying the DNA of rapists but also the potential DNA of sadistical killers. Is this what protect and serve means?
    They gladly take our tax money yet anyone under the upper-class+ bracket will not be protected. It's disgusting. Thank God we have people to stand up to try and get this broken system to work for us. Who care about us and who go 'above and beyond the law to try and keep we expendable people safe.

  5. Billy Alarie
    Billy Alarie says:

    absolutely revolutionary.

    mariska WILL go down in history as someone who WOULD NOT be ignored, who, as you said, is putting her money where her mouth is. she is an incredible force, and her presence and input and courage was long overdue, even as far as way back in 1999.

  6. RealKimPossible
    RealKimPossible says:

    I bet money someone will have this removed- I dare anyone to take an in depth look at (now non existent) evidence in… the Sooner state

    Just a few short months ago there was over 7k untested exams just sitting there. County got federal funding even to.. umm ya know handle all of them.

    Aaaaand where are they now?

    With the funding and all ESP?

    In short, none of those were resolved, no charges were filed or cases closed as determined per evidence or jury.

    Closed though bc a certain DA instructed people to destroy … things that were very relevant.
    HBO should do or just anyone who has the means should do a story on this. It seriously could be one of the biggest cover ups EVER

    Omg that is all I’m saying. WTH I’ll probably delete this comment myself bc I’m worried about
    My life.
    It’s so so do much corruption but it’s mainly coming from one place too.


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