‘I Caught a Girl’ Talked About Scene Ep. 109 | NOS4A2

Charlie Manx corners Vic after a tense chase to rescue Craig. Don’t miss the Season Finale of NOS4A2.


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NOS4A2 Talked About Scene: Season 1, Episode 9

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7 replies
  1. abcun17
    abcun17 says:

    I really like this show. I went in without having read the book, which
    I plan to do before the second season premieres next year. As such I
    did not have any expectations. At first I wasn't sure if I was going to
    stick with it or not. But I am glad I did. I appreciate how the show
    took it's time to introduce the characters, the story, and steadily
    build everything up until the season finale. Most TV and movies these
    days seem to necessarily keep up a frenetic pace and rhythm as if the
    audiences have such short attention spans and little patience that they
    would move on and choose to focus on something else. And for the most
    part that sounds about right. But I still think that there is space for
    stories to be told in almost increments, with the tension and
    stakes/outcomes growing steadily until it all comes to a head.

    Joe Hill's terrific source material, the reason I this show has grown
    on me is definitely the cast, in particular Ashleigh Cummings, who I
    think is just great and will be an even more terrific actress in the
    years ahead. Zachary Quinto, goes without saying, is a times both
    terrifying and disgusting and another reason this show works. Ólafur
    Darri Ólafsson is excellent, as are Jahkara Smith, Virginia Kull, Ebon
    Moss-Bachrach and the rest of the cast.

    I have
    seen people complain that the human drama on the show was upped at the
    expense of the supernatural parts. But I, muyself, liked that aspect of
    the show. Much like his dad, Joe Hill, and thankfully the show, prove
    that oftentimes the really scarry things, the true horror that sticks
    with us, comes from our everyday living, from our thoughts, words and
    choices we make, and how they affect us and others around. The
    supernatural underpinnings and interactions are just a sweet bonus and
    add a completely different dimension to the series. Yet both the
    ordinary and the extraordinary co-exist quite rightly in this show.

    Definitely looking forward to the second season.


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