I Know What You Did Last Summer | Official Teaser | Prime Video

I Know What You Did Last Summer – New Series on Amazon Prime Video, October 15.

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I Know What You Did Last Summer | Official Teaser | Prime Video

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26 replies
  1. Kelly Rodgers
    Kelly Rodgers says:

    i kinda think this could be good, im just not into the marketing… this trailer is too much like a comedic teen series… also, are there meant to be two blonde twins? i thought it was just one and now i am so confused… everyone is kissing everyone… what is going on lol.

  2. 70s Girl
    70s Girl says:

    The first movie was bad enough let alone a reboot! I wish somebody would just come up with something that's not a remake or reboot or what the f*** ever! Doesn't anyone have any original ideas anymore?!

  3. Ugly Girl
    Ugly Girl says:

    I just finished episode 5 this show is so confusing with the twins and this show doesn't live up to I Know What You Did Last Summer at all , i mean its good and i like some of the characters

  4. tyrone b
    tyrone b says:

    So now the studios are trying rehash old movies and make shows to fill their air time any. oh well if got the movies on media then can rewatch anytime and skip show if rather be able see cast u like more.


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