I May Destroy You | Official Trailer | HBO

A fearless, frank and provocative half-hour series exploring the question of sexual consent and where, in the new landscape of dating and relationships, the distinction between liberation and exploitation lies. Set in London, where gratification is only an app away, the story centers on Arabella (Coel), a carefree, self-assured Londoner with a group of great friends, a boyfriend in Italy, and a burgeoning writing career. But when her drink is spiked with a date-rape drug, she must question and rebuild every element of her life. #MichaelaCoel #IMayDestroyYou #HBO
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I May Destroy You | Official Trailer | HBO

46 replies
  1. computerpurple
    computerpurple says:

    Sunday July 11, 2021 I just finished watching this and well uummm through some of it i was confused. The storyline about not remembering what happened the night before is a good story to explore . At times i wondered if she made it up or all that happened was all part of the book the main character was writing and that all those around her only existed in her mind.

  2. Salvia Officinalis
    Salvia Officinalis says:

    THIS IS GREAT !!!!!!! (SORRY< BEYOND GREAT, ) (may, might or can??? may's very posh, can's very can do, and might's kind of menacing) There is nothing worse than a woman scorned – (Queen Elizabeth II) —–

  3. Saad Masood
    Saad Masood says:

    Emily in Paris absolutely throws 'I may destroy you' overboard. Well deserved nomination. You are just judgmental cuz of issues which are irrelevant to the show's credibility.

  4. Sam
    Sam says:

    Every man in the world should watch this show. Every man needs to understand the pain and sadness that SA creates for survivors.

    SA is one of the most horrid experiences to go through and this show perfectly captures the emotions that one goes through during this process of trying to recover when your body has been violated.

    I thank Micaela Coel for her honest, open and raw performance and her intelligent groundbreaking show for all the awareness and education it’s spread.

  5. Zoe
    Zoe says:

    Maybe we watched a different show with this whole comment section. Apparently this is how people behave in Michaela Cole's planet. I had no idea.


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