Ice on Fire (2019): Official Trailer | HBO

Produced by Oscar-winner Leonardo DiCaprio, George DiCaprio and Mathew Schmid and directed by Leila Conners, Ice on Fire is an eye-opening documentary that focuses on many never-before-seen solutions designed to slow down our escalating environmental crisis.

Ice on Fire premieres June 11 at 8 PM.
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Ice on Fire (2019): Official Trailer | HBO

48 replies
  1. Michael Abale
    Michael Abale says:

    Tell me why isn't the Doc. Fire On Ice on YOUTUBE ..FREE to the world … So everyone and anyone can watch .. is this not one of the most important messages to the Humans! ???????????????????

  2. мαzє. L
    мαzє. L says:

    For all those who are here because of got:
    U guys wont get a prequel of got if we dont fight the climate change because there is no earth where u can film got…

    So this isnt a clickbait, its a motivation to get the prequel. But before that we have to fight the climate change TOGETHER!

  3. Lisa Salthouse
    Lisa Salthouse says:

    Seems more interesting omg this is about our planet pls wake up all of you, this is real life and what may become not fantasy game of thrones so so shallow all of you open your eyes this is what your leaving for your children and grandchildren
    55 seconds ago

  4. Lisa Salthouse
    Lisa Salthouse says:

    Love you leonardo for your climate change movies and way you care so much I’m with you all the way and promote your moviestievery one, way very upset when Youtube started charging to watch the flood, by the way this is my fav one you did l, totally love this one to but don’t think it says enough about the true little amount the world will s doing for climate Change and the true outcome that is most likely coming our way I believe people need to know the truth no matter the outcome of panic as if we don’t it will be panic on a level this world has never seen!!! X

  5. Chesty Bonds
    Chesty Bonds says:

    Yet another climate alarmist doco, but this time it's narrated by LDC, an actor who pontificates to regular (i.e., not wealthy) people about what they need to do to reverse "climate change" (whatever that is) and who then jet sets around the world burning up fossil fuels at a stupendous rate.

    Had enough of this flog

  6. John Otvos
    John Otvos says:

    The climate breakdown emergency cannot be distanced from the cause, which is the insatiable growth paradigm of neoliberal capitalism with its ascendency for the primacy of the marketplace. Americans have grown up with money being central to their existence. Without an acknowledgement of this, not much will change. Change is all there is.

  7. Andreea Giurgiu
    Andreea Giurgiu says:

    I find it funny(and disturbing) that you start by saying methane is being released, which is different than CO2 and then you say how you can solve the CO2 problem, when methane is 17 times more dangerous than CO2…and it cannot be trapped using the same methods

  8. l3tzgetlucy FIFA HD
    l3tzgetlucy FIFA HD says:

    It is about our earth .. Our earth is still there when GOT has long been forgotten.
    Stop looking at scrap and open your eyes to the problems that are really important ..
    and Sry it´s no Hate Speech about GOT but F*** really….

  9. Eugenio Bernardi
    Eugenio Bernardi says:

    Omg, what is wrong with people!? The planet we live in and our existence are in danger, this is a very good and serious documentary about it and we can't refrain from writing down here our "funny" stupid lines about something completely meaningless in comparison?!! Go watch it at least, do something for our planet, use less, buy less, care more and document yourself!

  10. Ned Walport
    Ned Walport says:

    Just watched the full documentary on HBO. Wonder how many private jet flights they logged while putting this one-sided non-science propaganda piece together. It's worse than an Al Gore inconvenient sequel.

  11. xiexiefrank2
    xiexiefrank2 says:

    It should not be a paid documentary these greedy fuckers are still only thinking about money. They are just thinking how can we profit off this crisis instead of tryna get this out to everyone.

  12. John Brass
    John Brass says:

    So what y’all are telling me is that if I have a glass full of water and ice once that ice melts my glass is gonna overfill and I’m gonna have a mess on my hands. Amazing science

  13. Tatiana Goloborodko
    Tatiana Goloborodko says:

    Climate changes all the time. It has chaneged so many times before the humans and will keep changing after we go extinct. Stop manipulating and serving the interests of the privileged and actually do some real work. Like improving healthcare system, education, or fighting for basic human rights that people don't have in here.


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