Icebox (2018) | Official Trailer | HBO

A young boy, forced to flee his home and seek asylum in the United States, becomes trapped inside the U.S. immigration system. Icebox premieres December 7 on HBO.


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27 replies
  1. deus ex
    deus ex says:

    Want a coincidence. We just happen to have a huge migrant caravan at our southern border (committing felonies, spreading disease and making demands, but ignore all that) at the same time this movie comes out. The Hollywood left (which is 99% of Hollywood) love shoving their agenda down the throats of ignorant and susceptible people. No wonder most people on the left are so ignorant. They only know what the left wing media tells them. That is their only reality and that's really scary because that is how propaganda works (like in Nazi Germany). Don't be a sheep people, inform yourself and make your own decisions, do not allow other people to make them for you and don't allow them to bully and try to silence you for having a different viewpoint (that's called fascism, but liberals don't know the definition of that word). Actually, they do know the definition but refuse to accept it even though it's right in front of them and a fact. And that is the definition of insanity (refusing to accept what is reality and what is true). Is that the side you want to be on?

  2. Tammara Buckey
    Tammara Buckey says:

    This trailer looks like it's going to be a good movie. Yes it is propaganda but what movie isn't? I'm conflicted about how we can solve the immigration crisis. But I will say this… This happens in kids in America too. I've seen it first hand. Kids in California (where I'm from) are forced to join gangs and commit crimes. Not just Hispanic gangs and not just immigrants. idk the solution but the problem is bigger than we want to admit.

  3. Dead_PixL
    Dead_PixL says:

    These kinds of movies makes all the extremists come out of the woodwork. It’s quite hilarious to see how YouTube comets give a portal into their meaningless opinions. Great film! Does it’s job in at least getting people questioning all sides.

  4. Brad Hoover
    Brad Hoover says:

    This is all bullshit. If you liberals are so stupid then you are the fucking problem in this country. Every other country has sovereign borders, try to immigrate to Mexico and see if it's as simple as crossing the counties border. You brain-washed fucking muppets.

  5. Confused AF
    Confused AF says:

    I've never seen such a horribly discourse comment section.
    Except maybe on a few videos about gay people and racism (then again this comment section includes quite a bit of racism).

  6. Bawngtim Kh
    Bawngtim Kh says:

    Migrating to another country can't be the only hope for foreigners. There has to be other options. What can be done to curb the violence and corruption in their home countries. the US already has a gang problem and if they opened the borders the states it would ruin this country. I really feel bad but there has got to be another way than crossing the country illegally and risking your life.

  7. Exzaf
    Exzaf says:

    You know, I understand they come here for a better life, but doing it illegally is illegal. If you're doing something illegal, what the hell are they expecting? Are they expecting to be able to commit a crime and nothing ever happen to them? Tough times call for desperate measures, but those parents knew exactly what the consequences would be. Don't blame the US government for enforcing their laws and giving out consequences.

    I don't blame border patrol for doing their job in protecting our borders and I don't blame ICE for detaining and sending back ILLEGAL immigrants. They shouldn't be here. "How can you be illegal or undocumented on stolen land?" That's the dumbest question leftist– and I say that as someone not right-winged– have ever posed. Do you think those illegal immigrants are coming here because our grass is greener? That our land is inherently better than their own? No. I see the US as a nation, not a land. People come here for what our nation, our citizens, and our businesses can offer. They don't come here to look at our trees. Yes, our land was stolen, but leftist Americans who live here clearly don't have a problem if they continue to live here.

    And don't even start talking to me about morality. I'm in student debt, I grew up in a middle-class LEGAL immigrant family, and we struggled financially with money. Does that mean I am allowed to rob a bank because morally that would be the right thing to do? No. If I starve due to lack of funds, does that mean I can go down the street to a family owned diner and steal from them? No. They're working hard for their livelihood too. STOP THINKING YOU'RE ENTITLED TO SOMETHING.

    It's unfortunate that those illegal immigrants were birthed in a poor nation, in a poor economic class– or whatever have you. Fortunate for me I was born into the US with privilege. It was pure luck. They could have easily been in my place and I could have found myself in theirs. The fact remains though that with the way our world is run, we all work for our keep. None of us are entitled to anything– not money, not food, not jobs, nothing.

    And you want to talk morality? Most leftists that are saying it's morally wrong to detain ILLEGAL immigrants, separate families, and so on. If you come here illegally, expect to be deported from now to the end of time. If you're deported, don't blame ICE for enforcing our laws. Blame yourself for putting yourself and your family in that position. I get coming here might be the best option (even to risk deportation), but again, you put yourself in that position. Don't act like ICE is doing it for no reason.

    And back to morality, most leftists are out here in the US eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They're out here going to expensive universities and finding themselves in debt. They're eating out with their friends, buying expensive phones, using the internet, shopping for clothes to fill a closet that's already filled, going to concerts, watching Netflix– and the list can go on and on. The only thing you really need to spend your money on is basic necessities that are essential to your living. Paying for wifi, for phones, for cars, for electricity, for Netflix subscriptions or Gym subscriptions, or anything else that is not essential to day to day living– that's morally wrong.

    It's morally wrong to live your life and splruge your money on things non-essential to your living while there are people out there starving and dying. That's morally wrong. Don't go on telling me it's morally right to let those illegal immigrants stay here. A lot of shit is morally right, but our world clearly doesn't function that way. Why? Because if it did, we'd all get screwed over. We'd all get taken advantage of, and those who cheat will come out on top. So don't tell me everyone is entitled to anything.

    It fucking sucks those illegal immigrants have to even illegally come here to the US to have a better life. It sucks their own homeland wasn't providing them with the blessings and privileges we have. But that's not an excuse. I feel bad, but that's not an excuse. If we let everyone in and did not enforce our laws, there will be consequences. You all want to save everyone, yet when taxes go high and the government takes more money out of your paychecks, you complain. You can't have it all.

    It's stupid what Donald Trump said that they're bringing in rapists and drug lords. But do not for a second think that Trump's ideologies speaks for Republicans and any other group of people that support ICE and border patrol. Also, do not get it twisted. Trump is against Illegal Immigration, not Immigration. But you all like to manipulate the truth. What else is new?

    Also, do not think that supporting ICE or border patrol somehow makes you racist. It has nothing to do with race or immigration. It has everything to do with ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION.

  8. Diane Griego
    Diane Griego says:

    This was all started and done by the Obama administration but a movie about those facts isn’t made till now to make it seem as if Trump is the perpetrator when thats the furthest from the truth! Such hateful and intolerant crap from Hollywood is why nobody goes to the movies anymore and why Trump will win again unless Democrats create enough homeless to bribe to vote Democrat. The Democrats are turning our country into a cesspool of Fake News and lawlessness that will destroy it. But then millions will stop coming here because our laws and tough immigration control is what has made this country great!

  9. The Brian Bendito Podcast Show
    The Brian Bendito Podcast Show says:

    The immigration system is Broken, The law wasn’t like this back then but so many cold blooded republicans and Democrats keep changing the law to “ Prevent more increasing migration “ but there making the situation worse. You want people to enter the right way, Change the law to make it easier for these poor kids to come into the U.S, Stop and destroy all cartels and gangs to make America safe again for everyone, take responsibility of the long list for asylum seekers who waited so many years in Mexico to come to the U.S legally, keep families together, and work a new immigration system that’s humane to society and to serve justice to the criminals who killed families, not a mom who’s working to provide for her kids


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