Inhumanity Trailer

They have existed for centuries. Hidden from the world, they have evolved in seclusion. Now the strange race of genetically enhanced beings known as the Inhumans have been thrust to the forefront of the Marvel Universe!

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42 replies
  1. HBHaga
    HBHaga says:

    Oh, look, it's another massive crossover event … with secret Inhumans for people to fear and hate rather than the mutants that they've been fearing and hating for decades.

  2. SketchyLeo
    SketchyLeo says:

    Whoa, whoa, whoa, another event?! So soon? I thought this was just going to be a new series and an overarching plot point for the year. You can't run one event right into another! Who do you think you are, DC?

  3. sandman4832
    sandman4832 says:

    So if you're not human you're either an Inhuman, a Mutant, an Alien, an Atlantean, possibly a Clone or Robot of some description. That's all assuming you're from the current timeline or universe. Marvel society sure doesn't lack for variety. 

  4. Ken Uggie
    Ken Uggie says:

    I didn't think AVX was all that. Anyway , the inhuman powers are weird, strange or unstable. I wouldn't want something altering my physical to the degree I can't go outside.

  5. AllPowerful Zod
    AllPowerful Zod says:

    Did…. did they just steal the idea of a cataclysmic bomb exposing those who had hidden metahuman potential from the Infamous series?
    Just switch the word Inhuman for conduit
    Instead of the Government dropping the bomb its aliens.
    Nothing is original anymore

  6. skeaneable
    skeaneable says:

    oh fucking great…this Inhumanity storyline which is actually a follow up to the  Infinity storyline is similar to a 1999 Marvel's alternate story called Earth X  where every human on earth gained super powers


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