Inside Episode 110 Low Winter Sun: Surrender

A well intentioned Frank surrenders his friend in order to save himself. For more on Low Winter Sun:

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13 replies
  1. Alex Potvin
    Alex Potvin says:

    I feel this has Mad Men potential in a plot-thickens sort of way. Season 1 wasn't really that great but it picked up eventually. I'd like to think the crew has learned from the low points and improve on what they have if there's a second season.

    For the bb tards: it's a different kind of show, guys. I don't see why you have the same expectations for both. I also find it amusing how you've all been apologetic about the final episodes' pacing in relation to the rest of the show.

  2. Kevin Morales
    Kevin Morales says:

    mark kept his cool throughout the series, had a hobby to cool off…. lennie james was obviously twisted, but knew when to call it quits and was a great help, how did they get around boyd? no fuc$%^ clue honestly, real true, it was good

  3. Visionary REELS
    Visionary REELS says:

    Why is this show canceled it?. Its unfair, it has a great cast and could have more story to the characters. But comic book men,freakshow,and 4th and loud, are okay. That doesn't make any sense. I think they should continue this amazing show.


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