Inside Episode 510 Mad Men: Christmas Waltz

In “Christmas Waltz,” Lane’s ego takes him to the point of no return, while Don tries to prove his worth to the team.

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20 replies
  1. whatwedeserve
    whatwedeserve says:

    I love the energy between Don and Joan. They feel like very similar people. I enjoyed the tenderness and friendship in the scenes with them. Though I'm sure it will never happen, they'd be hot together.

  2. Terrell Carpenter
    Terrell Carpenter says:

    Man I would not have eaten with Megan after that outburst. She would have had to calm her french speaking ass down, it's not that serious if he came home a lil late. Ask your questions with concern but a calm temper then just keep it moving.

  3. Mary Graham
    Mary Graham says:

    The creator is an amazing man. Love this show. Lane is extra wonderful. Don Draper can do no wrong no matter. However he would have never taken back talk from Betty, but Meghan can scream?

  4. Patriots26
    Patriots26 says:

    The way Don has her back here and when the rest of the partnership wanted her to sleep with that Jaguar executive shows how loyal Don was to her. Just makes the knife wound cut deeper when he has his breakdown in the Hershey meeting and she was ready to throw him to the wolves.


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