Inside Sony Pictures Animation – Director Lauren Faust

Get to know some of the people behind your favorite Sony Pictures Animation films. Director Lauren Faust discusses her love of animation and her directorial feature film debut, Medusa!

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29 replies
  1. Just Yoshi
    Just Yoshi says:

    Sony, why cancel this??? I was so excited for this movie, I love Mythology, and Faust's art style is one of my favorite styles, I would of totally watched this a few times. I really hope this gets revived one day.

  2. 2D's blue-ty shorts
    2D's blue-ty shorts says:

    We could have had THIS but no. Sony can't fucking realize how stupid their investment in a movie about basic representations of human emotions and objects is. If you want a movie about emotions that's less cancerous, why not watch Inside Out? Sony needs to step up their shit ffs. LEARN YOUR AUDIENCE, SONY.

  3. Erich Scheidle
    Erich Scheidle says:

    They had to cancel Medusa, Can you imagine and the Popeye movie, three very promising projects so that they can make The Emoji Movie? I can now see why Animat hate this company so much.

  4. honeybunishere
    honeybunishere says:

    I hate Sony for canceling the two movies that could have been a masterpiece and made them more money…the Popeye movie and medusa movie for a shitty ass cringy movie that nobody asked for about emojis!? Wtf!!! I hope Sony loses money and shuts down!!!

  5. Sea Rain
    Sea Rain says:

    I honestly think if Craig McCracken and Lauren Faust did make a Alvin and the Chipmunks cartoon, I think the cartoon would be great and would win lots of awards. I could so see Craig McCracken and Lauren Faust making a Alvin and the Chipmunks cartoon.

    I personally think the 60s and the 80s and the current Alvin and the Chipmunks cartoons is not that good. I'm not saying they're terrible, but they are pretty average.

    Also I could so see Craig McCracken and Lauren Faust bringing a lot more new ideas to the table and doing much more world building in a new series than the ones that the original creators did in the other cartoons. Let's just face it, the world building in the original cartoons were not that good.

    I still like The Chipettes, but they were essentially rip offs of the original Chipmunks. So I would love to see much more original chipmunk and other anthropomorphic animal characters in a new series than the ones shown in the other cartoons.

  6. Agrellar
    Agrellar says:

    Wow, what an incredibly unique idea, helped made by an incredibly unique talent… thanks for ruining it SONY! You really are the death of creativity.

  7. jish55
    jish55 says:

    What I love most about Faust is that, while she implements female protags, she never panders, where she writes them like real individuals with actual personalities and flaws. What's more, she doesn't try to belittle others, where her content is enjoyable for everyone, boys girls, adults, we can all watch her work and enjoy it while never feeling talked down too.


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