Inside Sony Pictures Animation – Film Editor Joyce Arrastia

Get to know some of the people behind your favorite Sony Pictures Animation films. Meet Film Editor Joyce Arrastia in this Inside Sony Pictures Animation feature! See how her career has come full circle with her work on the upcoming Popeye film.

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16 replies
  1. E Marglin
    E Marglin says:

    Dear Joyce,

    It was so touching to hear your whole back story and post story. I knew you during the Lucknow years and always admired your confidence and radiance. I love how you integrated the deepest wisdom into your daily life and work. My 8-year-old son is a film lover too–can't wait to show this to him.


  2. D
    D says:

    If Popeye ended up being cancelled and the story was never full locked and green lit, why did they start doing all this early previewing and annocument for the project?


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