Inside the World of Outlander | Episode 9 | Season 5

Showrunner Matthew B. Roberts and Executive Producer Maril Davis reveal more about Episode 509: “Monsters and Heroes.

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  1. Carolyn Rabbani
    Carolyn Rabbani says:

    To me, this show just gets better and better, the closer it stays to the books. The actors are all brilliant and do the characters justice. I am especially thrilled that Roger gets his arc. As much as I adore Jamie and Claire, all the other characters are equally intriguing and worthy of their story lines.


    This was the best episode so far in this season!!…and it was the best cause you showed the fabulous love between Jamie&Claire!!, I needed more love between Bree and his father…but it's hard for you to do it…so that's why I prefer the books!!

  3. Jim Holt
    Jim Holt says:

    I thought this was one of the best episodes since the beginning of this show, it got back to showing the heart and sole of Claire & Jamie, their true love for one another…

  4. Maria Pazello
    Maria Pazello says:

    Como nāo amar jamie digo Sam !! Cenas impecaveis c/ todos os persogens mas prá mim o Jamie é a alma da série; e o Sam c/ seu talento indiscutivel deu vida e forma à um personagem impar co Jamie!!!

  5. Djt Leitho
    Djt Leitho says:

    I love this episode. So season 5 has not disappoint. Please give us season 7. There is still time to reconsider cause the world will come good again . Life will be very strange without Outlander on our tv screen.

  6. Anabela Nunes
    Anabela Nunes says:

    Cet épisode était riche en émotions de toutes sortes et autant dans le livre que dans la série j'ai ressenti les mêmes émotions. Comme toujours Caitriona et Sam ont été impressionnants de réalisme mais Richard Rankin, Sophie Skelton, John Bell et César Domboy ont eux aussi été grandioses!!!quel équipe!!!

  7. Sara Saini
    Sara Saini says:

    outlander series is not available on netflix in New Zealand. I have watched 4 seasons when I was in India but now I am in New Zealand and I want to watch the 5th season but I don't know how do I watch it. It's one of my favourite series.

  8. Irma Francisca Oliva
    Irma Francisca Oliva says:

    Olvide porque hago este comentario :
    En la vida real mi hermano menor fue picado por una vibora venenosa y preguntaron a mi otro hermano autorizacion para CORTAR su pierna ; el dijo debe morir , morira pero en no me perdonará si permito eso .
    Fue una buena decicion : lucho y vivio con sus dos piernas …

  9. tk b
    tk b says:

    Wheres all the heavy sex and soft porn anymore? Thats what I paid my cable bill for. Why is it now a western? I don't care about all these other characters. Claire is Dr. Quinn Medicine woman?

  10. Odete Estêvão
    Odete Estêvão says:

    A quarta e quinta temporada estão deixando a desejar com alguns personagens. Não sou fã do Roger é da Brianna ela esta muito fria com o pai sem conexão nenhuma entre eles. Enquanto nos livros tem comédia em algumas partes na série não . Quem leu os livros como eu a série deixa muito a desejar

  11. Anula
    Anula says:

    Perfectly actors in this series are able to play their roles. That's why maybe it's so cool and tempting to watch more than once. And the main characters are wogle the best.

  12. creolelady182
    creolelady182 says:

    Some of these episodes are ridiculous especially that snakebite episode and anything dealing with the medical aspect. As a registered Nurse, I am worried that people out there will believe these remedies that are profiled in this television series is that sucking out venom but if you have a cavity- you will end up dead and the way Brianna and her husband burst into the surgery informing Claire that the snake was a pit viper when she was about to amputate Jamies leg. It was laughable. What also is laughable is that Brianna's husband held on to the head of the snake for a few days before taking it out of his pocket and displaying it to Brianna. This type of fantasy trash is what the masses like to watch, and it has been very successful and has made the actors rich. I commend the producers for taking liberties in filming in engaging the humans' natural processes in intimacy, breast feeding and the extraction of breast milk and displaying nudity but does a whole episode needed to be devoted on primitive sexual activity? I feel for the actors who had to do this in front a camera. This could not be broadcast on regular Network television, and I can see why. It is on the borderline of being pornography. I see that the British actors dont have a problem appearing on every social media platform to promote this series.


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