INTERCEPTOR | Official Trailer | Netflix

Meet the world’s last defense. One Army captain must use her years of tactical training and military expertise when a simultaneous coordinated attack threatens the remote missile interceptor station she is in command of. Elsa Pataky and Luke Bracey star in INTERCEPTOR, directed by Matthew Reilly. Watch on Netflix June 3.


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INTERCEPTOR | Official Trailer | Netflix

The last officer standing on a remote missile defense base wages the battle of her life against terrorists aiming 16 stolen nuclear weapons at the US.

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  1. P4OUR
    P4OUR says:

    Not bad at all!

    Although Hemsworth wasn't a leading… or even a relevant actor… I understand what they did & why they did it… I think?

    They drew the crowd in with his stardom. He played a very minimal role. We saw a brilliant performance by an otherwise unknown actress.

    I have seen her before, and she's great! I still don't know her name… but I want to & I'm sure I will in just a moment.

    With the plot being far stretched, I believe she did as good a job as anyone else could have. She was very fit. In shape, with a little experience on her… she was a great choice!
    I liked her a whole bunch, tbh.
    I couldn't place anybody else there. Not after that, I couldn't.

    Thank you, for sharing… and thank you, Mr. Hemsworth, for a great production!
    It was so amazing to see you take a backseat to help an actress with a smaller profile!
    … and I really hope it helps her!

  2. Rudraksh
    Rudraksh says:

    This movie have no logic what's so ever, the bad guys were like they are planing a kindergarten siege. And a country like USA have only one interceptor command unit, are they in 1950's.
    Last but not the least Girl with minimum ammunition take down guys with lot of firepower.
    The last seen fits though, Russian were impressed by the lone Lioness.

  3. Sang Kang
    Sang Kang says:

    Yea, it's good thing US has more interceptor than just "two" sites. High, mid, low altitude interceptor plus Guam, Hawaii, Okinawa, the pacific fleet. Not to mention US allies would also track and intercept on behalf of US.

  4. Philip Bredenkamp
    Philip Bredenkamp says:

    Stopped watching halfway in.

    Just another woke feminist show:
    All the men are either incompetent, or are bad people. And a girl is capable of fighting off men twice her weight, and is the most emotionally mature.

  5. david smith
    david smith says:

    Wow she has muscles on her muscles and did I hear right did she say mis-isles not mis-les, but any invader worth his salt would have surely brought some explosives knowing full well those big doors were there. But I still loved this movie and Elsa Pataky and yes her husband and she must work out together, she's just beautiful and incredibly toned, she is just fantastic great acting and pleasant personality. It's no wonder Chris Hemsworth fell for her and she for him ,they suit each other brilliantly.


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