Interview With The Vampire Official Teaser: Lestat | Premieres This Fall 2022

From Anne Rice, Interview With The Vampire premieres this Fall on AMC.

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Interview with the Vampire Teaser: Lestat

Based on Anne Rice’s iconic novel, Interview with The Vampire follows Louis de Pointe’s epic story of love, blood and the perils of immortality, as told to the journalist Daniel Molloy. Experience the dark, sumptuous retelling starring Jacob Anderson (Game of Thrones), Sam Reid (The Newsreader) and Eric Bogosian (Succession) later this year.

Starring: Sam Reid, Jacob Anderson, Bailey Bass, Chris Stack

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19 replies
  1. Barbara Kelly
    Barbara Kelly says:

    As a huge fan of the Vampire Chronicles since I was a kid the 90s, I was so excited to see the story being picked up again. But this trailer has left me dreading the actual show. They displaced the characters by a full century, completely ruining the atmosphere of antiquity that Anne Rice painstakingly detailed in her novels. Changing the race of the characters to incorporate good actors is of less consequence, but changing the era it is set in completely ruins the story for me. I'm already preparing myself to pretend like this version doesn't exist, which is heartbreaking given how excited I was about it initially.

  2. Jeff Trimble
    Jeff Trimble says:

    This is not a television show for the diehard fans of the books. This is a television show for the woke generation. The only changes I could have understood would have been what the first movie did and that is to age Claudia a bit to early teens. Finding a five-year-old child to do that subject matter would not have only been near impossible but would have probably gotten the show shut down before it even got started. That aside how hard would it have been to do a season 1 of 10 episodes that religiously followed interview with the vampire. Followed by a season 2 that jumps back to Lestat fighting the wolves and being taken by Magnus and then creating a child out of his mother and driving Nicky insane. It could have left us with a finale cliffhanger of Marius digging Lestat out of the grave.

    Followed by a season 3 where Marius takes Lestat to his mountain hideout and tells him his story and the story of those who must be kept. This could have been a whole season that merged the story told in blood and gold along with the story Marius told Lestat at the end of the second book, dealing with the god of the Grove. the season finale could have been Lestat playing his violin for akasha and almost being murdered by Enkil with that final perfect scene of Lestat arriving in Louisiana by boat after Marius sends him away. But wait!! You thought that was the final scene, after the credits finished rolling…. Marius walks into the crypt, but where is the queen and why is the king laying dead in a husk. He turns to see akasha….. Alive and verbal. The ice cracks beneath him he feels himself falling. He's trapped. Must send a message. DANGER TO US ALL!!!!!!

    Which could have brought us to season 4 and 5. Surely this could have been easily stretched into two seasons due to all the many different storylines that need to come together for the amazing finale. Lestat becoming conscious in his grave hearing tough cookie and the gang. jumping back and forth from the story of Jesse and the talamasca, and akashas travels with Lestat.. the story of the twins and Khayman and how the spirit first entered akasha, even an episode with a 10 minute cold open, detailing The Short Happy Life of baby Jenks and the fang gang. And another with the sad passing of Laurent from season 1.

    Five seasons seems to be the gold standard for a great show and this could have been easily achieved and then when this masterpiece was done they could do like HBO has done with game of thrones and try and stretch it out further, with the tail of the body thief or whatever. But this was the masterpiece. Those three first novels along with blood and gold, to tell the whole story. stretched out over five full seasons telling the story as Miss rice wrote it. Not reimagining what it could have been if Louis wasn't a white man who didn't own a slavery plantation or Claudia wasnt a full grown woman which kind of destroys the whole purpose of Claudia. They had a chance to undo the wrongs from the first movie like showing Gabrielle cutting her hair and it regrowing instead of rewriting the scene for Claudia. Or making Armand a teenage redhead instead of a 30 something brunette.

    People like me are who the series should have been written for. People who have read and understood and reread and loved the story as it was written. Not the people who have never read the books and who will initially think that they're going to be watching the story of Edward and Bella.

  3. Angel Hernandez
    Angel Hernandez says:

    Angel Carlos Hernandez says
    I would like to write my version of interview with a vampire
    The real story or vampires
    Archeologist and people with pH D
    Would be astonished with what Thay don't know about them

  4. Michael Corvin
    Michael Corvin says:

    So her Son is Ruining his Mother's Work by changing it to Appease The Woke Culture Crowd…seriously Louis was born in 1766 and was made a Vampire at 24 and a Plantation Owner…. but now it's clearly taking place in the 1800s Wich ok whatever but with Louis background how are they going to explain a Black Louis


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