Intimacy | Official Trailer | Netflix

A betrayal, a sex scandal, everyone watching. How to deal with a case of violation of privacy? #Intimacy


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Intimacy | Official Trailer | Netflix

A rising politician’s career is threatened when a surreptitiously recorded video of her sex life is leaked to the public.

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  1. marc muwanga
    marc muwanga says:

    So the message is cuckold your husband and when you get exposed for it, blame everyone else but yourself?
    This is why Netflix is going down. The "Message" is driving many of us away.

  2. B bwt
    B bwt says:

    Just watched this. Sorry we did. It was a complete mess. Spanish actors are very talented but the talent was wasted on this trash. It included every single possible woke propaganda message that it could include, including some random gay guy that a news channel mentioned in passing that got beaten up. His appearance later was random and frankly stupid. Legally, according to my partner who is a lawyer herself, said that in real life the main protagonist would have found herself disbarred for talking to the accuser of her ex-client about the case, AND in prison for not disclosing her previous personal contact with the man she was prosecuting. Overall it was amateurish, more about the woke propaganda than the actual story. Netflix seem hell bent on losing as many subscribers as they possibly can. It's sad. All men were evil in some way, except her gay assistant and her husband was a sorry sad emasculated male, a totally pathetic character. Knowing Spanish people very well myself, there would be no forgiveness, he'd have kicked her out on her behind. Spain does not have men as weak and pathetic as this, which is a good thing. They also are no way as misogynistic either. They're generally normal people.

  3. Myst Atm
    Myst Atm says:

    Well the best thing about this series is this trailer… well done.

    I just finished the show, let's say that after a promising start it quickly becomes boring, with a lot of inconsistencies, clichés and predictable events

    watchable only if you have nothing else to watch

  4. karna
    karna says:

    Don't tell me this is another movie , where she cheats on her husband . N then somehow the husband is to be blamed , where she calls it a mistake.
    Her video gets leaked by the affair partner.
    Later , the husband forgives n boom movie ends.


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