Into the Night I Official Trailer I Netflix

When the sun inexplicably starts killing everything and everyone in its path, a few ‘lucky’ passengers and crew of an overnight flight out of Brussels try to survive as they fly west – into the night.

Into the Night, a Netflix original series.

Streaming May 1.


About Netflix:
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Into the Night I Official Trailer I Netflix

Passengers and crew aboard a hijacked overnight flight scramble to outrace the sun as a mysterious cosmic event wreaks havoc on the world below.

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  1. Vanlost
    Vanlost says:

    We don't have camels and do not marry 3 wives! That Terenzio was bullshitting and making fun of the Turkish language at NATO headquarters. Why are we accused of everything Arab? You don't even say these things to Arabs while they do those things.

  2. Sushan Rai
    Sushan Rai says:

    Silvie deserved to die after what she did to terenzio..he was the reason they all survived yet she cold blodedly killed him.without any remorse in her face.

  3. Mikael Persson
    Mikael Persson says:

    This series, while based on a somewhat interesting premise is profoundly stupid. Scottland beeing west of iceland levels of stupid permeate every single scene, character and plot point.

  4. MPB
    MPB says:

    Great show great show. Renew for 3rd series. Original refreshing concept for a apocalyptic show. Love it just as much as walking dead. My only regret I binged S1 and 2 in 2 days

  5. Brandocious
    Brandocious says:

    Yawn. The plot is great, but they don't execute it well.

    Also, like with seemingly every show, there had to be a white men bad line. If you're going to say dumb, racist shit, at least be good.

  6. Commander Cat
    Commander Cat says:

    This show isn't written well, kept repeating the same tropes, using anger and frustration and screaming to build suspense just like in Dark. The characters are all idiots. I kept watching though mainly for the show S245.

  7. Azza Abouelhassan
    Azza Abouelhassan says:

    Omg why haven’t I heard of this show before? I haven’t watched a show this good in YEARS! I don’t even remember when was the last time I’ve seen such a good show like this one!! WATCH IT!!! I’ve binged it!! The episodes will have you hooked back to back! Theirs one big thing though, why’s the ending like that of season 2? It confused me and they left a lot of things open 🙁

  8. Yannick M
    Yannick M says:

    I am now watching episode 6 of season 1 and these people are such hypocrites. Blaming Terenzio for leaving Ayaz behind. Even though before Terenzio was the only one who not wanted to leave Ayaz behind when it was the rest of the the group that did. And why did they think he deserves a death sentence? Just because he smuggled some rocks! Especially Richard should get of his high horse. I really don't like him, and i am dutch myself. I don't even understand why they left the criminals behind. They are in the same boat as everyone else (or in this case plain). They also just wanted to survive. So they had every reason to work together with the other passengers. You're really gone risk the safety of the group because of moral condemnation you feel towards them? And than Mathieu even suggested to leave Terenzio behind just after they left the criminals behind just because he was an inconvenience. Did he really not learn anything from the first time?

  9. Sydney Clement
    Sydney Clement says:

    I found this show randomly on Netflix. I’m a fan of apocalypse/disaster movies. I didn’t stop watching this until I had finished the first season. It was that good. This is my favourite tv show

  10. Frank M
    Frank M says:

    I really wanted to watch this show as I love this genre of shows/movies but once I got the premise of the storyline I could not watch it because a passenger plane cannot outrun sunrise snow as that is the main plot of the series it's unwatchable


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