Into the Night | Official Teaser | Netflix

INTO THE NIGHT begins with a sudden solar event: as the sun inexplicably starts killing everything in its path. There are a few ‘lucky’ passengers and crew of an overnight flight out of Brussels, as they attempt to fly west — into the safety of the dark night. The seemingly ordinary travelers share but one thing: A desire to survive the sun — and each other — by any means necessary.


About Netflix:
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Into the Night | Official Teaser | Netflix

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  1. prte100
    prte100 says:

    Im curious how this plot twist will be solved, that the earth is round and in the West, the sun will rise up too 😀
    But indeed interesting, looking for to give it a try

  2. Seykko
    Seykko says:

    Hello @Netflix or anyone, I just binged this show (surprisingly good). But I'm desperate to find the main theme (music/song) from this show. it seems to be an original. Any chance to be able to listen to it without replaying the end generic every time? It's pretty damn good electro.


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