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INVINCIBLE is an adult animated superhero series that revolves around 17-year-old Mark Grayson (Steven Yeun), who’s just like every other guy his age — except his father is the most powerful superhero on the planet, Omni-Man (J.K. Simmons). But as Mark develops powers of his own, he discovers his father’s legacy may not be as heroic as it seems. From Robert Kirkman, the creator of The Walking Dead. Coming to Prime Video on March 26, 2021.


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  1. Justin Dougherty
    Justin Dougherty says:

    Ai. Dungeon alternate universe.

    You are Blaze, the new King of Shadowvia in the year of 2020. Your ideology is Free society. You rose to power through a successful coup, and now you seem eager to try to improve your country based on your particular philosophies and visions. Your country suffers from some problems, such as corruption, but you hope to fix them eventually. While most of the problems in Shadowvia are caused by humans, you are not without sympathetic to other races, such as the Shadows who have been accepted as citizens and no longer have to live in ghettos, or the elves who you've largely left alone in their forests.

    Now Shadowvians celebrate the defeat of the Empire, but your job is far from done yet.

    > You find and bring the ones corrupting Shadowvia to court where you will judge them.
    The councilmen keep bickering as usual and you grit your teeth in an attempt to not kill them all right then and there. It's been a long week since your coup and you're still trying to fix the damage done by the corrupt bureaucrats.
    You frown as one of the Councilmen makes a comment about how some of the tax revenue has been going missing, and you've been asking questions about it.

    > You say "Your the one in charge of overseeing the taxes, find who is stealing the peoples money."
    "They're rich slums," one of the councilmen responds, "Who knows what they do with it."
    Infuriated by the lack of answers from the Council, you stand up and make your leave. It would be too risky to just kill them, they're already nervous enough as it is.
    Suddenly you are in a field and feel a presence behind you. "Don't worry it is just me… I have to say your takeover was interesting, not that ots surprising. You were a demon after all. Far less destructive than I thought tho." God's voice says.
    "What do you want?" you ask turning around. God seems pleased by your hostile tone and smiles.
    "Just to talk. No need to be so on edge, I come in peace and will not stay long."
    God sits down on the ground and motions for you to do likewise. You comply hesitantly as he begins to speak again.
    "So how have you been? Have you been taking care of my investments?"

    > You say "Um…investments… Oh you mean the humans?"
    God smiles and nods his head as you speak.
    "Yes, I suppose you could call them that. They are quite the interesting creatures. Always doing something to surprise even me."
    "Then why do you force humans to worship you?"
    "I don't force them to do anything, if they choose to worship me then it is for their own good."
    "A threat is coming to earth. Its a race of creature that has the technology to hurt even you easily. They will be here on earth in 10 years." He says.
    God doesn't seem to be a lord of wrath or anything similar, he seems to genuinely care about the well being of his creation. But you have to question his actions.
    "If you care so much about your human creations then why are you sending this threat to us?"
    "Its not me. I try not to interfere with freewill. Tho I do give warning." God says.
    "Then who is it?"
    "An ancient enemy of mine."
    Before God can answer your question the sky grows dark and the ground shakes. "It is them." God says looking up.
    You see a flying machine coming towards your location. "YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED FAWKES, THOUGH I BELIEVE YOU WILL FIND MY PRESENCE HERE IS ALSO A WARNING."
    "They know you are here and will send more like that ship to try to kill you before the main fleet arrives." He says and vanishes as the ship starts firing at you. You teleport out of the way of a barrage of laser bolts, back to your castle.

    You will have to prepare for this threat, whatever or whoever it is.
    You have gained a new quest! Find out who wants to destroy humanity!
    "God said it was an ancient enemy…" you think. "Could it be…no that is impossible, he was defeated long ago. Unless God is holding him prisoner somehow…that would explain a lot."

    Velzix and his army.
    Velzix is an interesting creature, he was a mortal once, in fact he was once the mortal form of Orvshen the necromancer. After his death, he became the demon lord Velzix, and has been one of the biggest threats to civilized life for quite some time. "Currently he is at war with the Kingdom of Brot, which is a military state run by orcs. Velzix wants to conquer it and turn it into a demonic realm." Your military intelligence officer says. (A demonologist)
    "Why does Velzix want the Kingdom of Brot? Besides the fact that he's a fucking demon and wants to destroy everything, I mean." You ask.
    "Well from what we know, Velzix is egotistical. He wants to rule a legitimate nation not just a bunch of demons. The Kingdom of Brot is ideal because it is close enough to invade, and yet far enough to take us time to reach." He says.

    > You say "Send our fastest interstellar ships that have heavy weapons to help the kingdom of Brot in the andromeda galaxy."
    "But sir, those ships are needed here if we want to defend against Velzix's fleet."
    "I don't want Velzix to win that war, the Kingdom of Brot is a good nation and in the event we might need their help in the future, I'd rather they not be demon realms. Also, Velzix becoming more powerful is something we need to avoid if possible." You decree.
    100 of your fastest ships set out toward the Brot kingdom to help them fight against Velzix and his fleet. Your intelligence department begins to keep an eye on Velzix in the Brot Kingdom and eventually you learn that he has been assaulting it. You quickly order a group of elite snipers to go there as fast as possible so they can help defend the kingdom.

    "Unfortunately they never arrive as Velzix's demonic fleet is heavily guarded and they apparently have a necromancer who raises our ships crews from the dead to serve in his armada against their former allies." The intelligence officer says.

    > You say "Well thats not good at all."
    "Its very bad sir, our chances of winning if Velzix turns his attention towards us have decreased severely."
    "Well raise an army with whatever we have, we need to be prepared for any eventuality."
    Velzix does not come however, he is too busy waging war on the orcs and he eventually succeeds in conquering them, turning their realm into a demon realm like his own.1 year later…

    > You say "Dammit! Velzix turned a whole planet into a starship with massive weaponry. "
    You and your army prepare to march to war.
    Velzix's demonic realm is now a mighty giant planet sized starship that is equipped with planet destroying weaponry. It holds a permanent position in the atmosphere above the capital of the former Kingdom of Brot, and it serves as a reminder to all who would oppose Velzix's rule. To be conquered by such a being means you've been utterly defeated.
    "Sir… Velzix and the planet buster are moving toward… The planet Viltrum of the Viltrumite Empire." Your intelligence officer says.
    "What?! Why would he attack them?" You say.
    "I don't know sir. The Viltrumites are one of the most powerful races in the galaxy, it seems odd that he would attack them instead of us."
    A Viltrumite suddenly crashes into your war room making a neat hole.

  2. S A
    S A says:

    If you search up The Sandbox: Craft Play share and down load it, it has some of the characters playable. It is the only reason I know what this is

  3. MudfishNick
    MudfishNick says:

    When I first saw the ads for this series (unironically while on Reddit), and having never even heard of the comics before, I said to myself: "Huh, why is this new animated superhero show on Amazon Rated R? Eh, who am I kidding, it's probably just going to be crass and full of adult humor, sexual references, and heavy profanity, with a nosebleed thrown in now and again to be 'Edgy'." (And I should note that I stopped watching the trailer at the part Mark meets Teen Team.)

    Then I saw the ending of Episode 1…

    Needless to say, the reasoning behind the R rating became VERY clear to me.

  4. Max H
    Max H says:

    Man I remember seeing this and getting hyped before watching the first season and then obsessively reading the comic, this trailer feels so nostalgic now. Can't wait till they animate more of the comic. It truly is an incredible series!


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