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IRON MAN 2020 #1 by Dan Slott, Christos Gage, and Pete Woods hits stands on January 15th in comic shops, on the Marvel Comics App, and on!

The time has come for machinekind to unite and demand equal rights! But not all humans think that A.I.s are worthy and Arno Stark – Iron Man 2020 – is one of them.

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32 replies
  1. Felipe Zuniga
    Felipe Zuniga says:

    “Omg I hate this new design! Why does he have those gear shoulders?”

    “Why does he look like Za Warudo ? Are they making JoJo reference now?”

    This armor was made back in the 80s. It’s not a new look, and it’s not even Tony Stark. Oh and this armor made its first appearance BEFORE Stardust Crusaders was published in Japan.

  2. Casablancas
    Casablancas says:

    I was going to subscribe to the new marvel Iron Man comics but revisiting the trailer for it and looking how dumb iron man looks I am not going to sub anymore. Iron Man? More like Gizmo Tin Man. smh

  3. Ben Ji
    Ben Ji says:

    0:08 What's with over sized "gear" shoulder pads? Do I touch my screen and my settings will pop-up? What was in your mind Marvel when you design this mark? I'm skipping this one for my collection… maybe…

  4. Heve
    Heve says:

    So Marvel didn't spoil or even foreshadowing in Iron Man about Arno. Arno is more competitive, smarter, and has a healthy lifestyle than Tony for those who don't know.

  5. Brenda Gates
    Brenda Gates says:

    Be honest in my opinion if I could redesign his armor he would look like Superior iron Man but he would have Darth revan helmet design plus with a bit of the post-apocalyptic Cybermen from Doctor who to me you wouldn't make him stand out better.


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