JACKASS 4: Forever Trailer 2 (2022)

Official Jackass Forever Movie Trailer 2 2022 | Subscribe ➤ https://abo.yt/ki | Johnny Knoxville Movie Trailer | Release: 4 Feb 2022 | More https://KinoCheck.com/movie/vni/jackass-forever-2022
After ten years, the Jackass crew is back for their final crusade of pranks and pain.

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Jackass Forever (2022) is the new comedy movie starring Johnny Knoxville, Steve-O and Chris Pontius.

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22 replies
  1. Brad
    Brad says:

    I really hope it hasn't gone all influencer and they fake alot of the scenes , there getting on in age tho like myself so cant really blame them

  2. 1999
    1999 says:

    Francis said in an interview that he thought they were gonna ask him to do a fake punch. He was surprised when they said nah you actually have to punch him for real. And apparently the first time he didn’t hit his nuts clearly so they told him to do it again and the guys face was red lmfao.

  3. Alex Gould
    Alex Gould says:

    I grew up watching these guys also. But I just feel sorry for them all now. It was funny once…. not really now. Now it’s just sad. One of you is currently in the thrawls of addiction all others being part of 12 step programs to remain functional members of society. These are losers lol

  4. Taylor Leach
    Taylor Leach says:

    Knoxville’s love for Steve-O and the rest of the cast and the fact that he does do the gnarliest stunts. He deserves the title “unofficial ringleader”. These guys shaped generations do be dumb and tough.

  5. Jamez M
    Jamez M says:

    Wokeass blows now. All kinds of internal fighting from wanting to get paid more to. Kicking out original member because of there doc approved meds. Not a dime

  6. One Two
    One Two says:

    I remembered my first time watching Jackass was when I was still a kid. I don't even know that "Jackass" is like that. I just saw a CD with a title that has word "a*s" and I thought it was (C)orn. SoI borrowed it, went home, locked the door, turned the volume really low and getting ready for a work out. Then the disappointment and betrayal LOL but still I loved it! Love the show from Jackass 1 to the series.


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