Jason Bateman: Award Acceptance Speech | 29th Annual SAG Awards

Jason Bateman receives the Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Drama Series for his performance in Ozark. #sagawards

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  1. Featherboi
    Featherboi says:

    Love to see Jason still giving an incredible performance and also crazy to see how many traditionally comedic or sarcastic actors we have being nominated for awards in drama.

    Also that face Bob made at 0:05 was the same face anyone makes when they accidentally bite their tongue but don't wanna shout in public. I feel so bad for him and the BCS crew.

  2. a n
    a n says:

    I feel like no one talked about it enough though I could be wrong but I gotta say, Ruth and Marty had the best chemistry/duo the entire show. It was special I loved the characters, the dynamic, chemistry. Those two actors on screen together were perf and I am gonna miss it.


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