Jeremy Allen White: Award Acceptance Speech | 29th Annual SAG Awards

Jeremy Allen White receives the Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Comedy Series for his performance in The Bear #sagawards

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  1. Ross Duran
    Ross Duran says:

    I am glad. My favorite character was lip from "Shameless" and I thought jeremy was going to fall off due to some films not getting notoriety. Heard he was getting a lead in a show and I was glad. Saw "the bear" since the first night and people started noticing him and praising him on magazines and articles. I couldn't be happier. Well-deserved.

  2. Xikaryo
    Xikaryo says:

    Jeremy is an absurdly talented actor. The whole time I was watching The Bear felt so unreal seeing his performance. It helps that the show is probably the best show I’ve seen in recent years, and even crazier that not many people have heard about it while they’re out there watching some corny superhero trash that they think is “good” lol!

    Just a perfect show. Jeremy is a goddamn legend already after this.


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