Jerrod Carmichael | Sermon on The Mount | Official Trailer (HBO)

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Sermon On The Mount Promo | HBO

23 replies
  1. #8DoggyHouse
    #8DoggyHouse says:

    He cheated on himself and went to hell while giving the woman one less problem without you to have to be the only audience for being funny pretending to oneself he wasn't talking to purely to his dream and desire?

  2. AB M
    AB M says:

    Why do Americans love BBQ.. I don’t get it. You can cook in the Oven or seer it on a pan and it still tastes the same. Now slow cook I get but stop BBQing it’s bad for the environment and just too much work lol

  3. Al C
    Al C says:

    That moment when the camera focused on Jerrod's mom grading the calculations on the math the preacher was droppin and kept finding errors

  4. Michael Dvorak
    Michael Dvorak says:

    Why not have a real life discussion with the actual One that will make the final decision on your own thoughts and and decisions? You have probably heard of him. In English, his name is Jesus. Or Messiah.


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