John Oliver’s Commentary on HBO’s Intro ft. GOT Cast & More

John Oliver has some thoughts on the iconic “Ahhh” that opens every HBO Show. Let him explain why.


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31 replies
  1. loveld Lu
    loveld Lu says:

    Okay this is for all the Jamaican in Caribbean island whose beautiful so you know the song Jamaica funk you should think that is about Jamaica in the Caribbean is not is the imitation that has to do with New York City and it's by Tom Browne so if you want to know the story behind it then you'll be surprised okay so I'm just letting all my Islanders notice the truth Jamaican and one and only Jamaican

  2. Louis Mamakos
    Louis Mamakos says:

    What's funny is that you only really heard that static (and saw the video "snow") on NTSC analog TV, which doesn't exist any more. It means nothing to most people.


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