JUDGMENT DAY Teaser Trailer | Marvel Comics

JUDGMENT DAY IS COMING! Tying together current story threads in AVENGERS, X-MEN, and ETERNALS, writer Kieron Gillen and artist Valerio Schiti bring you the next Marvel Comics epic this summer.

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37 replies
  1. Redpill Redpill
    Redpill Redpill says:

    Hmmm…..I wonder if the Eternals movie was a setup for the MCU Avengers new base of operations now becoming the Celestial that was frozen in the Indian Ocean. Since Thanos destroyed it in Endgame?

  2. Rocket Head
    Rocket Head says:

    I love Marvel. They need to stop with these epic crossovers every season. Pace your selves. There's so many interesting individual characters to tell stories about. When do 4 or 5 crossovers you kill the anticipation. Plus they got so many super teams you don't have to do that all the time

  3. Md Hanif
    Md Hanif says:

    First it was the jealous, salty & insecure non-powered baseline humans.. Now, just because my beloved mutants have achieved a form of immortality similar to that of the Eternals, the latter hate the former.. Lighten up, Ikaris & Co.!!!! Immortality isn't something exclusive to YOUR kind only; there's plenty of immortal beings out there..

  4. Resistance Publishing
    Resistance Publishing says:

    Majority of people commenting in the comment section are MCU fans and knows almost nothing about the comics storyline. This Judgment Day storyline is stupid and makes no sense as a comic. We need better storytelling and not this thrash

  5. Don Washington
    Don Washington says:

    I beg of Marvel, for the umpteenth time, to imagine a heroic world and not a perpetually dark one. We watch genocidal/iconic villains like Dr. Doom & Magneto become, for all intents and purposes heroes and heroes like Cyclops & Prof. X become fanatics/villains & interesting heroes like Wolverine, become overpowered and real far from character. Then after a sort and every four to six years the cannon gets so dark or twisted or overpowered that some cosmic event "resets" it… Ugh. It is tiring but maybe I am simply an old man.

  6. Palerider Horsemen
    Palerider Horsemen says:

    Looks like Marvel is doing another superhero vs superhero team. After Dc released Kingdom Come, Marvel is obsessed of having superheroes fight each other for no reason.
    Civil War
    Avengers Vs X-men
    Inhumans vs X-Men
    Guardians of The Galaxy vs X-Men
    Gamora vs Marvel Superheroes
    World War Hulk Vs Marvel Superheroes
    Punisher Vs Marvel Superheroes
    Civil War 2
    Immortal Hulk
    Marvel is where Marvel Superheroes are all horrible people. Worse than the Marvel Villians think about that.
    Dc is obessed with meta nonsense called Crisis, while Marvel is obsessed with Superhero vs Superhero teams.

  7. Obsidian
    Obsidian says:

    Looks like this is a case of the comics influencing the movies who then influence the comics… They're gonna retcon mutants into deviants so they can explain their existence (or lack of) in the movies


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