Director Baz Luhrmann, actors Austin Butler and Tom Hanks, and others explore the life and legacy of Elvis Presley and the making of the acclaimed hit film, ELVIS.

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  1. Luke J Nichols
    Luke J Nichols says:

    I grew up with the odd Elvis song playing but this film, it changed my life. Not a day goes by where I don’t play at least 5 of his songs, I dress like he did, I move like he did, that man changed everything.

  2. Jennifer CAILLET
    Jennifer CAILLET says:

    Thank you Baz, and Austin, for bringing Elvis back to us. Such a beautiful movie. I can't stop crying everytime i watch the movie. You are so talented, electrifying. I love you. ⚡Kiss from France !

  3. Jaye Ginn
    Jaye Ginn says:

    I sure hope the movie studio or Baz Luhrman's production company gave/will give (the heirs of) Sam Bell some financial compensation for the use of his likeness and interview after his passing!!!!

  4. Paul Brown
    Paul Brown says:

    The biggest superstar the world will ever know . From Rags to riches , from a Jack to a king , when elvis struggled his way through all that grief of being different ……to finally making sure that everyone had to listen to him , he made sure that all the cynics had no choice but to deal with it and with that he unknowingly made a platform for every band and artist after him to express themself however they chose fit!!!! Before elvis there was nothing….carl price

  5. clevec
    clevec says:

    This was beautiful to watch and it had me crying as I saw the real Elvis interpreting Unchained Melody at the end. Thank you Baz, thank you Austin and most of all thank you Elvis Presley!

  6. Robin Dehlinger
    Robin Dehlinger says:

    The movie is incredible. I’m so glad of the opportunity for young people to gain an understanding of history and culture through the movie. There will never be anyone like Elvis and the impact he made on the world.

  7. Ann Marie
    Ann Marie says:

    Phenomenal film on every level. Austin's performance blew it out of the park…he embodied Elvis. How Baz Luhrmann did not get nominated for best director is beyond comprehension. My prediction: this film will mop the floor at the Oscars!

  8. Steve Noels
    Steve Noels says:

    This movie has brought Elvis to a whole new generation, I see it and hear it everyday his name is mentioned among groups that surprise me that they know and get Elvis Presley, this is why he was so incredible and the greatest performer the world has ever seen.

  9. Scott Jenkins
    Scott Jenkins says:

    UNCHAINED MELODY WASN'T HIS FINAL PERFORMANCE. That "Actual Footage" is from Rapid City June 21, 1977 not Indianapolis June 26 (his actual final show). The movie sucked anyway, so no biggie.

  10. patricia presley
    patricia presley says:

    Too bad the big company Warner Bros. Pictures is not put the translation of all countries that is possible to put in the "Settings"Dommage que la grande entreprise Warner Bros Pictures n'est pas mis la traduction de tous les pays qui est possible de mettre dans les "Paramètres"


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