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In Just Say Yes Yolanthe Cabau plays the role of Lotte. Lotte has been planning her perfect wedding for years but sees her dream …

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  1. 혜령
    혜령 says:

    본편에서 에스텔이랑 킴이 잤고 주인공이 드레스 입고 밖으로 뛰어나갈 때 나오는 노래 아시는분 알려주세요ㅠㅠ

  2. question mark???
    question mark??? says:

    Whats name of song during when she finds out her friend is sleeping with John the one girls is crying then goes down stairs to see John and her best friend say she's sleeping wifh her boss

  3. Devil - Chan
    Devil - Chan says:

    This is the really the first movie, that I could absolutely not stand. There were just so many plot holes, so many things that absolutely didn't make sense. Our many character is just dumb. She is way to naiv, stupid and blind, something could happen right in front of her face and she wouldn't notice. She just can't speak up for herself even after her big "change" she is still not able to speak for herself. And suddenly she and the ML are in love, without any build up and suddenly they understand each other. Also the message of this movie in some aspects is just wrong. The jokes are not funny just absolutely cringe. And from an hopeless romantic, that she is supposed to be, is no sign (only at the beginning a little). And why is she hating on her sister so much. For me the sister really seems like an okay person. But our MC blames her for things she didn't even realize or just didn't know how to say it, she doesn't take her Job seriously. It's not easy to be an influencer, it's normal that almost everything is always fake on the internet. And that she tries to be a better human because of the man she loves, is awsome and that our MC had to call out sister in front of everyone, just made her even more unlike able. And the part with the weeding dress…. How did she even fit in there, her sister had an completely different size. There are many other things that I dont like about this movie. It's the first time that I almost didn't like any character in a movie. I personally liked the sister the most.


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