KEVIN CAN F**K HIMSELF: A Look at the Series | Premieres June 20 on AMC

The cast and creators discuss how the show explores the life of the sitcom wife and why the things that happen when she starts to live for herself are no laughing matter.

New series premieres June 20 on AMC, stream early June 13 on AMC+.

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KEVIN CAN F**K HIMSELF: A Look at the Series | Premieres June 20 on AMC

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44 replies
  1. Digital Bobby
    Digital Bobby says:

    First off, I love this show. But, no way AMC creates a show called "Allison can f*ck herself" about a passive aggressive husband who undermines his wife and plans to murder her because he feels likes their marriage has been a waste of ten years. Think about how sexist that sounds.

  2. Kaththee
    Kaththee says:

    I almost married Kevin. We were engaged. I wanted out so badly I didn't know how. He cheated on me and I caught him redhanded and it was my ticket to sweet freedom. Don't kill Kevin. Leave Kevin.

  3. FIVE O
    FIVE O says:

    I just watched a episode and I have to give it a thumbs down, sorry. The dark side is to depressing. It's not comedy. Coming from a guy, after watching this show all I see is a two faced woman not happy but not revealing it to her husband. No wonder their are so many You Tube channels by women complaining there aren't any good men out there. This show will scare them off even more. Just what every married couple needs to watch after a lock down. More depression, I wonder why Hollywood made a sitcom like this? The creators should skip the darker side and keep it straight comedy with the same idea.This show won't last. Just like the sitcom with the 40 year old actress trying to play a HS boy.

  4. Swanzilla
    Swanzilla says:

    Love the show love seeing the woman side of view
    Makes me think of how Carrie
    from the King of Queens would of felt in real life if she was married to Doug

  5. Open your mind
    Open your mind says:

    It's hard to watch him treat her like a non person. I want her to go back to school, move out and get a roommate and take control of her life, but that is not as dramatic as murder.

  6. Paul Lopez
    Paul Lopez says:

    Something about this concept reminds me of a music video. Can’t put my finger on it. But I love how the cinematography goes from King of Queens to The Middle at the drop of a hat.

  7. Brianne Morris
    Brianne Morris says:

    Man, watching the first episode I had major triggers watching Kevin gaslight Allison. I just wanted to shake my Ipod and tell her just leave, its not worth it because I can take you in even though you have less than two hundred dollars.

  8. Cheri W
    Cheri W says:

    Just hope they have her divorce him. Why would anyone stay married to someone like him….show is awful but hoping for that so much that I fast forward through it, just to see. She was great in Schitt's Creek, but it is sad that this is all she could get. She deserves better.

  9. Black Creators
    Black Creators says:

    I'd love to see this same show concept done to a different genre of older television, perhaps a Bewitched with the Darren scenes sitcomy and when he's not in the scene some actual terrifying witchcraft type stuff.

  10. C Garcia
    C Garcia says:

    I am so sick of manchildren getting all the love and sensible women getting hate because of the way they are framed in media and in society. I'm not afraid to say that I've always related to the "nag"/ "shrew" because I didn't get why, if she was framed as being so smart and had good intentions why wouldn't anyone (typically the more selfish characters) listen to her? Even as a kid I really disliked Fred Flintstone for being so full of himself and knew that Wilma was always in the right. I am so here for a show giving the housewife back her voice and power!


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