Legion | Season 2 – Official Trailer

What do you remember? Watch the OFFICIAL SEASON 2 TRAILER for Legion. Premieres April 3 on FX. ► Subscribe to Marvel: http://bit.ly/WeO3YJ

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33 replies
  1. Kombat Queen
    Kombat Queen says:

    season 1 was great, but the pacing for season 2 was painfully slow. too much focus on cinematography and music than having exciting episodes. it really didnt need to be 11 episodes long.

  2. James Thong
    James Thong says:

    The show 'Legion' might secretly be part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Because Legion is set in an alternate dimension that distinct from the main X-Men's Marvel Universe and I watch the series finale of season 3 with Professor X being played by a different actor. So it would make sense if Legion was secretly part of the MCU.

  3. GombaM
    GombaM says:

    Just watched the first season again 'cause I didn't remember everything, and wanted to be sure everything's clear. Now I'm sure this season is gonna be more confusing, hell yeah!

  4. Adam Smith
    Adam Smith says:

    To the people 3 years ago. Save yourselves. I am speaking to you from 2021 and let me tell you that you will be bored shitless most of the time. Not only is the entire premise weak (farook needs to get to his real body to become invincible (a being that can already transfer into any body, travel dimensions in his mind, and cannot be killed, needs to become invincible???)) doesn't achieve his goal until the last episode and by that point you'll wish he'd killed you. It was like watching football when you detest every second and they go to penalties and extra time. Yeah it's better than season 2.


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