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35 replies
  1. Marco A
    Marco A says:

    Hmmmm I thought the widow would actually team up with Baron Chau. Ya know, the badlands comin together to defeat a common enemy (Pilgrim)…….looks like naw. In any case I could do with a Widow vs. Chau round 2 lol.

  2. ……. .. ……
    ……. .. …… says:

    That camera shot with the Calvary running through that valley was really good. Made maybe 5 horses and 30 extras look like 100. Must have been expensive and difficult shot to coordinate.

  3. Andrew Penny
    Andrew Penny says:

    If Henry doesn't make it Sunny going to bring on the kratos rage or in this case Sunny dark one rage. You know sunny is like Kratos he they both didn't know whi there fathers were for a long time. They were both killed there wives. Both took the blood of the innocent for there lords and killed there lords as wells. And both have hidden powers and have sons that they must raise alone or with a wisecracking hermit like Mimir or Baijie.

  4. movieexpert18
    movieexpert18 says:

    Possible SPOILER for those who havent seen 307

    Crazy theory on account that Sonny had a sister what if Mk is in fact Sonnys nephew and mks mom is the one who took away his gift. Think about it Mk is the most powerful seen by anyone and the one who took Sonnys gift was powerful and a skilled warrior if it was his sister who was able to fight off the Black Lotus.

  5. Ayveh
    Ayveh says:

    Am I the only one still pissed off they made Tilda end up with ophelia? & the Black widow straight? I was rooting for Tilda and MK to get together and then the Black widow to find some other hard core chick to fight along side as her lover and partner.


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