Life After Death with Tyler Henry | Official Trailer | Netflix

Clairvoyant medium Tyler Henry offers clarity and closure from the beyond while searching through his own family’s past in an intimate reality series.


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Life After Death with Tyler Henry | Official Trailer | Netflix

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  1. Amparo Misas
    Amparo Misas says:

    Buenas tardes Henry soy colombiana quería saber si puedes hacer una obra de caridad para poder comunicarme con mi madre y soy pobre como hago o que debo hacergracias Dios lo bendiga por la labor tan interesante que hace

  2. Cecilia valería Aguilar
    Cecilia valería Aguilar says:

    Hola. La serie me gusta me atrapa. Pero hay algo que no me termina de cerrar porque siempre son personas con dinero en un muy buen estatus social un buen pasar económico. En algunas incluso se muestra mucho lujo. Y esas cosas también pasan en estratos sociales más bajos. Porque no muestran eso con gente más humilde. Esas mi crítica hacia el programa. Mucho lujo podría llegar a entrever que es algo armado. Supongo que la tarifa que Tyler cobra por hacer esas lecturas de personas que ya no están con nosotros en este mundo físico Por así decirlo, no debe ser accesible para todos

  3. AaronGarton666
    AaronGarton666 says:

    Not a bad show, and I’m skeptical of psychic shows. End of episode 7/beginning of 8 has a reading involving a woman whose mother found out that she was adopted. Between psychic and client is this obscenely round ball of fat — one that makes Honey Boo Boo look like a runway model. Very awkward. Truly the “elephant in the room.” However, there is no acknowledgement of this monster at all. Her presence is never explained, yet she is very much the center of the scene.

  4. Shahid Rasul
    Shahid Rasul says:

    On Resurrection: Just like you had No Control over your initial creation, you will have No Control over your Re-creation. Just like you wake from sleep into your Personality and Consciousness EVERY MORNING, so shall you Awake on the Day of Resurrection into your Personality and Consciousness! Just like we are not aware of the exact time lapse during sleep, we will not be aware of the time lapse during Death, the Almighty mentions that to us, it will be perceived like we tarried for a day or part thereof.
    Lo and Behold- this is your day, those who denied the meeting with their CREATOR!!!

    Here is another miracle that vindicates the holy Quran- look at what the Quran mentions about the setting on the Day of judgement, compare it to what Science says about the sequence of events surrounding the death of our Sun.

    1. The Sun will expand:
    Science: burning it's helium core, it's expansion will cause it to engulf Mercury, Venus and possibly the Earth.
    Quran: Sun will be close to the earth, will engulf our moon.

    2. Red Sky:
    Science: Fusion of helium core- Red, much hotter than current hydrogen fusion reaction.
    Quran: Red Sky like ointment.

    3. Both Science and Quran: Atmosphere will burn away and oceans boil over.
    Mountains levelled, scorching heat.

    Quran goes further: sounding of the horn- commencement of resurrection-
    You will be recreated in a form you are not presently aware of.
    This is the truth from your Lord, deny it to the detriment of your own soul, but HIS promise is that we will All be assembled there!

  5. Bryce Wiseman
    Bryce Wiseman says:

    Please people, look up the practice of cold reading. There is no such thing as a medium, there never has been and there never will be. These people are con artists, who use the pain of others for their benefit, and it’s frankly quite sick that Netflix has given this scam any kind of platform.

  6. Healthdrop
    Healthdrop says:

    Love him ! We all have capacity to get mental images from things that already passed or will come to pass , sometimes some of us don’t know how to interpret these. I know its hard to believe but there so much out there we don’t know about

  7. email my
    email my says:

    we watched every episode and was very interesting show. I attended a séance in 1986 and it was life changing for me. I am a retired Home Health Hospice nurse and had patients say many times they saw family members at their bedside and so wanted to know if was possible they could be there at person bedside, is why i attended séance. This was before books were out on topic of near death or anything about. The woman/medium was visiting from England and am pretty sure her name was Frieda Feld and she was incredible! The room was a conference room and dimly light but no table we sat around and in folding chairs in a half circle and she walked from person to person giving messages. There were 9 of us and she was a very short lady and said she was going to go to each one of us and we were not to ask her any questions and only say yes or no when she asked us a question. I was shocking at her accuracy! Having grown up without family i did not have family to visit me and she stood in front of me when it was my turn and stared into my eyes and abruptly said, "you are very sensitive and someone says that you should smile more. Again, you are very sensitive!" and she turned and walked away from me. The friend i attended with was told in perfect details from deceased family members information, like the others in the group, from deceased family members who gave them names and wonderful messages and inspiring words that made them smile but she could not pick up and give me one positive message. not even a deceased foster or orphanage worker i had been around while growing up. But it did help with working with terminal patients and when they talked of seeing family members at their bedside, at the end, it made sense to me and answered my question of if 'they' were really there. They are! Hope Tyler is feeling better these days.

  8. laurence charette
    laurence charette says:

    J'ai adoré cette série, c'est si touchant son histoire, sa famille et son besoin de remettre les pièces du puzzle dans un ordre précis, cette série est remplie d'amour, de guérisons mais aussi de vérités. Merci

  9. Gracie
    Gracie says:

    Do you want to know everything? Very powerful words. The handful of readings I’ve watched have never been negative. The departed seems to be o.k. with their demise. Does he see end of life for the person he is doing the reading? Would he be able to solve a murder? Tell a parent the child has run away or are in harms way? Aren’t there more than one like Tyler? If this is truly a skill, let’s use it to solve some crimes, not for ratings!

  10. Christopher Crowe
    Christopher Crowe says:

    I need a medium soo bad…. I lost my mom when i was 12 been over 19 years.. 10 days ago I lost my baby girl at 21 weeks.. then just a day ago I lost my boy at 2 and a half years old… I cannot sleep I cannot close my eyes without thinking of how my gf seen our kid in his bed

  11. Tex Teacher
    Tex Teacher says:

    Wake up folks! Tyler Henry is an entertainer. Humans cannot communicate with the souls of the deceased. It is simple. The souls of the dead do not exist. When you die that's it! Family, friends and enemies remember you and that's it. A good manipulator can convince you he or she can contact the sprits just like the carnival concessioner can convince you that one more dollar and you'll knock down the three full of lead milk bottles. THINK SCIENCE!

  12. 13Maria.Cortez13
    13Maria.Cortez13 says:

    I wish I had been born with a rare unique gift to talk to the other side the after life.
    Because it gets rather lonely here on earth. Being on earth is an awkward, empty void. I've been not talking with the ones who are still among us alive on earth. Because I can't have a conversation without via social media technology device.

  13. elena botezatu
    elena botezatu says:

    E mai mult un film despre si cu gay decat o explicatie exact referito la titlu….mi-am pierdut timpul degeaba. Strict parerea mea…din punctul meu de vedere nu ai ce viziona aici doar timp pierdut


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