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A trip down memory lane is a strong source of trauma, comedy and moving forward. The Hulu Original Series, Life & Beth, starring Amy Schumer and Michael Cera premieres all episodes March 18.

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  1. Gemma Lin
    Gemma Lin says:

    The show surprised me. It started slow, like really slow, the one that made you want to give up slow, but somehow it makes the ending so rewarding and heartwarming. It's sad to know some of the most difficult parts in the show come from Amy's real life. It's a great healing process for us, and I'm sure for Amy as well.

  2. Matt Barker
    Matt Barker says:

    How does this manatee keep getting work? She steals from other comics, has never written anything funny, and accuses anyone that doesn't think her stolen material is funny of being a sexist….

  3. Jamaica Fox
    Jamaica Fox says:

    I'm gonna need Amy Schumer to stop writing her own movies & shows. Who is greenlighting this garbage? Being a comedian is not the same as being a screenwriter, and she clearly does not have the skillset or education to do so. Please stop. This looks like Trainwreck 2, and I couldn't get through Trainwreck.

  4. shannon hawkins
    shannon hawkins says:

    It's really good. I say this as someone who does NOT follow Amy Schumer and wouldn't even call myself a casual fan of hers (no hate I just don't pay attention to her lol) but the show is dope. I can't say I relate to everything single thing in this but it was so human that I felt like I did relate even though I didn't … if that makes sense. Hulu and FX do grounded comedies so well.

  5. l l
    l l says:

    The male version of Amy Schumer dates ….Amy Schumer. The woman version of Amy Schumer dates a…so hard being a chick.

  6. keesmuch
    keesmuch says:

    very surprised how much I like this series. I'm on episode 6 and I'm hooked. Nothing over the top but great witty dialogue with characters that you just want to invite home for drinks & a fun conversation. Amy wrote & produces this?? dang what a talent!


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