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Love him or love to hate him, Kenny G is one of the most well-known musicians on the planet.

Listening to Kenny G, an HBO original documentary and #MusicBoxHBO film, premieres December 2 at 8PM on HBOMax. #KennyGHBO

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26 replies
  1. wyndhl eodumegwu
    wyndhl eodumegwu says:

    Were his Music Jazz, Kenny G. would have remained relatively unknown; a pauper he would have been.

    As a "rule", if such it may be called, Jazzicians – not unlike performers of European Classical Music – are driven to creating tirelessly, "quite beyond the realms of infinity." (Forgive the hyperbole!)

    Pop-, RnB-, Rock-, Gospel- instrumentalists King Curtis, Boots Randolph, Jr. Walker, Fausto Papetti and "Ace" Cannon, for example, were more commercially known – and financially successful – than Organic Jazzmen John Coltrane and Wayne Shorter of the same era.

    It's like Sara Vaughan to Aretha Franklin; Luther Vandross to "50¢", Keith Washington to Bob Marley, Jean Rampal to Herbie Mann – Aesthetic Beauty vs. Silver and Gold, so to speak.

    To each his/her own!

  2. alex carter
    alex carter says:

    He's this day and age's Herb Alpert. I don't remember anyone coming down on Herb Alpert because "it's not jazz" or if they were, I didn't hear them because growing up, we were too busy listening to Herb Alpert records.

  3. Susie Ast
    Susie Ast says:

    Ugh, Kenny G is still one of my favorites. He's truly IS underappreciated. He's magnificent. His live with Michael Bolton knocked me off my socks lol The two greats together!

  4. Neil Dusseault
    Neil Dusseault says:

    I am a private music instructor. This is my 10th year of running my own studio for lessons.
    Previously, I taught 3 years of middle school band & choir to inner-city kids as well as another 3 years as music director at a private Christian academy.
    I'm fully-certified as a teacher and I hold a bachelor's & a master's degree – both in music education.
    I have been playing saxophone for over 31 years now.
    Sometime during my 1st year of playing (6th grade), I found Kenny's album "Silhouette" in my parents' CD collection. I never really listened to the sound of a soprano sax and I just loved it.
    Kenny also plays alto & tenor sax (which I played in junior high bands).
    Everyone in my family knows (and best friends, too) that Kenny was my favorite.
    I learned his melodies, his runs, circular breathing, altissimo, etc. and performed his songs whenever there was a concert, talent show, etc.
    While I don't love everything he has created, I still listen to his music and I play it far more often.
    In fact, I continue to get students who want to learn how to play Kenny's music.
    I didn't pick up the sax because of Kenny, and there are many other sax players & sax solos etc. that I love to listen to, play, and teach as well.
    But many of Kenny's songs connect with me & so therefore I won't apologize for being genuine.

  5. terrycarol mcguinness
    terrycarol mcguinness says:

    Surgery in ninety’s Kenny G was my hero sat on end seat radio city nyc he came down aisle stopped & played songbird I was so happy bought me to tears good luck with new album Santa Claus is buying it for me this Christmas love Kenny G

  6. Aarón A.
    Aarón A. says:

    This doc is great and you should watch it no matter how you feel about Kenny G’s music. It’s more about the cultural phenomena surrounding G’s music than anything else.

  7. Gerardo Rodriguez
    Gerardo Rodriguez says:

    If you dont like Kenny G's music, dont come in thinking this documentary will try to change your mind. Make no mistake, this isnt a documentary about why Kenny G is good, it's a docuemntary about what art means to people. A film that tries to answer the question of what makes a piece of music truly special. It listens to everyone's opinion on the matter and allows the viewer to come to their own conclusions. By the end of it you may not change your mind, but you'll understand where the people that think different to you are coming from.

  8. Brock Audibert
    Brock Audibert says:

    Really enjoyed this documentary. Kenny is a funny and likable guy. Very confident and always smiling. Still practicing 3 hours a day and striving for perfection 40 years into his career.

  9. Mike Matei Inspector Gadget
    Mike Matei Inspector Gadget says:

    A lot of jazz purists need to realise that Kenny isn’t trying to be the next Miles or the next Coltrane or Ornette. He’s just making music he likes to hear, to an audience that happens to particularly enjoy it and he happens to have sold a shitload of records because of that

  10. Emil Kiełczyński
    Emil Kiełczyński says:

    I never understood all the hate for Kenny. I listen to all kinds of music (jazz, metal, electronic – you name it) and while i can appreciate the more avant-garde and "artsy" side of jazz, i still listen to Kenny's albums from time to time when i need to just relax. His music is great for the soul, and bless him for that!


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