Look Out for the Little Guy Trailer | A REAL Book by Ant-Man

Look Out for the Little Guy by Scott Lang is a real book!

Preorder it today at https://books.disney.com/book/look-out-for-the-little-guy/
Available September 5th wherever books are sold!

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26 replies
  1. lordofninjas1
    lordofninjas1 says:

    I said it before in another video announcing the book, with this being real and Rogers the Musical being real (it should be showing more places) why not make stuff like the Tomb Buster movie from Moon Knight real or all the stuff from Avengerscon in Ms. Marvel real and just different stuff like that from different MCU movies and/or shows. Fans would love to see those and buy them and everything.

  2. Matthew Bateman
    Matthew Bateman says:

    This is a genuinely cool idea — a neat and actually original way to branch marvel out into different genres, and satiate fans in between movies or whatever… My only criticism — it would've been a better sell to have the commercial be completely in character, without him saying he is Paul Rudd.


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