Looking: The Movie – Trailer (HBO)

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Looking: The Movie premieres Saturday 7/23 at 10PM.

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34 replies
  1. 이지호
    이지호 says:

    By the way, am I only one who expected Patrick ❤️ Kevin at the end??

    Patrick and Richie..Seriously??

    Sorry for Richie's fans, but he's kinda off-putting for me..

  2. Akhil
    Akhil says:

    I am from a country where gay sex is illegal. This series and the movie gives me some hope that I could live a life like that, where I don't have to hide, where I fall in love. Every time I feel bad, I remind myself of possibilities in life especially of a partner as caring as Ritchie and that reminds me to work hard for things I want.

  3. ClairWeee
    ClairWeee says:

    Although I knew it I am still quite mad he ended up with Richie. They're so not a match imo. I didn't get the vibe when I saw them 2gether. I think Kevin and Patrick would have been better even though what happened in the last episode…

  4. Sean Vang
    Sean Vang says:

    This series was great and I was so excited when the movie was announced to close the series. For me, the movie ended the way I had hoped it would while watching the series, but I actually ended up very upset with the final message and moral of the story. What I took away was, basically, you can be a messy gay and selfishly toy with people's emotions and things will still work out for you the way you want them to. Honestly, for the amount of shit Patrick put both Kevin and Richie through, he should have ended up alone. To my fellow gays, don't be Richie or Kevin and feel like your happiness depends on one guy. He doesn't deserve you!

  5. Walter Brenson
    Walter Brenson says:

    I just binged watched this show from start to finish in 3 days and fell in love with cast (for real like I'm obsessing over Raul Castillo) and story line. I want to know what happens next. I was rooting for Richie over Kevin since the beginning. But on a serious note…this issue hit home a little for me. As a closeted man who's married. I felt the struggles of Kevin, wanting to be with someone but stuck in another relationship and not wanting to hurt that person because you do love them. But not in the way they love you. And before you know it, you blink and you're married with kids and trapped in this life wishing you had a do over. Maybe that's just my life. Sigh…

  6. Alex D
    Alex D says:

    The show made it look like the Paddy-Kevin relationship was thrilling and exciting, while making Richie look boring. But in reality, the character of Richie was the most ideal. The other two were just "homewrecker gays that gave the LGBT community a bad name," as Brady would put it.

  7. Fizi Ahmad
    Fizi Ahmad says:

    I totally fucking hate with the ending….it is unrealistic….i suggest u should continue this film (looking 2)…srsly…n i swear…there's more viewers than before…cause kevin and patrick…both of them are so fucking cute….n their chemistry also amazing….

  8. N g
    N g says:

    I'm fucking love this series but i guess Richie's ruin the flim , cause i expected kevin and Patrick should be together , and they are abosoutely hot and match , it makes me sad and sentimental when they couldn't make it out , and hope if there is next movie i guess they should make it , together , and it would be fucking goddamn romantic movie i ever seen , even though i still adore and i completed watch all the episodes ,


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