Love Is Blind Season 3 | Official Trailer | Netflix

Some love stories you never see coming. Love Is Blind Season 3 premieres October 19th.


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Love Is Blind Season 3 | Official Trailer | Netflix

Riding an emotional roller coaster from the pods to the altar, a new group of singles must decide if they dare to propose to someone they’ve never seen.

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  1. Edas Umera
    Edas Umera says:

    Y’all are just too much! You forget it is also an experiment. The people going into it are adults, consenting adults and they know the risks and possible outcomes of THE experiment. What happened in season 2 was very sad, really sad but it is still an EXPERIMENT. And it also exposes how deep or shallow people are.! And people who think they are ready but not in fact ready! Nobody will make you complete you have to find yourself, know who you are and what you want before going into something as emotionally invested as this!

  2. emily
    emily says:

    Season 2 showed the reality of things, that couples break up and that is a part of life. Ultimately this show can be successful for the rare couple

  3. avb
    avb says:

    the show is losing its appeal for me… just feels like another social media hungry trashy reality show.

    though glad the season 1 couples are still together 🙂

  4. Michael Duran
    Michael Duran says:

    Now we know which couples get married or propose before the season. No surprise. What season 2 proved was this is all fake. After the Altar was all staged. Everyone was about to break up and put on a brave face/lied and the whole Deepti will they or won't they was bogus. He was already banging somebody else –he's with her/him now.

  5. Nadim Alam
    Nadim Alam says:

    Wish they had added south asian people in this season too 🙁 , like last season had, They could have added people from with different backgrounds ie. Pakistan, India, Bangladesh etc… makes the match making more exciting then.

  6. Clark Bryant
    Clark Bryant says:

    From a cultural stand point They gotta do a better job find more POCs to be on this show. It would be cool to see more contestants with different cultural backgrounds interact with each other.


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